Wall Art Ideas For The House

Your home’s walls may be the foundations of the structure, but sometimes looking at those wide expanses can get a little boring. Fortunately, you don’t have to alter the major structure of a wall to completely change its appearance. With wall art yo can give your home a style and make a statement. Wall art ideas for the house can come in several forms and varieties. Wall art ideas can pull a room together in a way no other decor can, and the possibilities for expressing your creativity on your walls are endless. You can even combine different ideas of the wall art for your specific home or work space.

Creative Wall Art Ideas For The House

Wall art ideas range from photographs of you and your family to more contemporary designs and motifs. Or you can go for photo canvas. Photo canvas art on walls has proven so popular because of the quality of the image reproduction and this, in turn, is partially due to the high quality materials used at Bags of Love. The HD Satin that is used does not have a plastic coating and once your photograph is printed the advantage of this soon becomes clear as the image is reproduced exactly as it was in the photograph with amazing colour accuracy and clarity and sharp, crisp lines.

clever wall art ideas

Clever Wall Art Ideas

Another wall art ideas for the house create a whimsical or even mysterious look by hanging false windows and doors as art throughout your home. Cover the windows with curtains that match your other decor or leave them open and paint the frames in bold colors. Doors can be painted and fitted with doorknobs and hung straight and on hinges that open or at odd angles to add a sensation of motion to the room. Paint the windows and doors solid colors that change with each room, complementing the wall color, or sponge them with textures or abstract designs. For rooms without a lot of wall space, add window-like crossbars to photo frames to simulate the look of tiny windows and continue the theme.

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Take a look around the house for items that could be transformed into wall art. Arrange china platters and plates in a pattern above your couch or mantel or kick up your staircase with a grouping of vintage trays hung on the wall. Hang benches or chairs from the wall and use them to display collections or hold plants. Or just enjoy their craftsmanship whether they reflect Shaker simplicity or Victorian gracefulness. Assemble vintage kitchen utensils on a pegboard hung above an antique cupboard in your kitchen. Baskets can be grouped on the wall to act as a headboard or used for displaying items.

Tapestries and other fabric coverings have been used for centuries to add beauty to walls. Dating to at least the third century B.C., tapestries are textile design artworks usually woven on looms. Tapestries aren’t relegated solely to museums, though; there are plenty of fabric wall decorations on the market. Economical tapestries likely will be mass-produced rather than hand-woven, though there are plenty of both from which to choose. Search local markets or artisan fairs, or find a wide variety online. Other options include silk prints or woven pieces mounted on hangers and displayed on the wall. Many cloth stores and fabric departments sell remnants of fabrics–sift through the choices for ideas, or buy remnants to create your own piece of decor.

fabric wall art ideas

Fabric Wall Art Ideas

stunning wall art ideas

Stunning Wall Art Ideas

interior wall art ideas

Interior Wall Art Ideas

great wall art ideas

Great Wall Art Ideas

pretty wall art ideas

Pretty Wall Art Ideas

The old saying “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” is an apt description of junk art. This type of art is comprised of found items, most of which are rescued from the trash, the curb or the dump and combined to form, among other things, wall sculptures. Try your hand at creating your own piece of junk art or purchase one at an art show, flea market or auction. Or hang a single item on your wall to act as sculpture. Things as varied as a rusted tricycle, automobile steering wheel or tractor seat could end up as focal points on your living room. These were several wall art ideas for the house. With these creative wall art, it will give your home a style all your own.

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