Stairs Design Ideas

When building or remodeling a dwelling, stairs are an important feature to consider but also for the functionality. There are several stairs design for the homes that can appear classical and aged or modern and chic. Stairs can also be built from numerous materials. Whatever the style of your home, you can easily find a style to suit your taste and needs. Also, keep in mind to choose the stairs design ideas that focus in safety.

Stairs Design Ideas For the Homes

Here are several stair design ideas for your home. Traditional stairs offer a delicate balance of function and design. A traditional stair includes a wood frame and railing with closed stairs. These staircases usually feature near the entryway of the home, turning them into a visual focal point for the entire house. If you are considering traditional stairs for your home, experiment with different building materials for balusters and rails. For example, wrought iron balusters may include twists, flourishes or scroll shapes that add character to the stairs. Even traditional wood balusters can include carved details that add a bit of elegance to a simple staircase. If space allows, consider a curved staircase that creates an elegant arc near the top. If the traditional stairs experience heavy traffic, consider lining the center of the stairs with a bright or patterned rug runner to both preserve the stairs and provide footing for pedestrians.

spiral stairs

Spiral Stairs

Then, another ideas is contemporary stairs. Add a bit of contemporary flair with a modern stair design. Contemporary stairs incorporate unexpected building materials into minimalist stair designs for dramatic effects. Many contemporary designs include an open stair structure in which the stairs seem to float without an enclosure. Consider simple block stairs without edge lips or details in your contemporary design. Instead of iron supports or balusters, opt for stainless steel as an accent metal. For a truly modern touch, replace rails and baluster poles with taut cables instead. The ultimate in minimalist contemporary design is floating stairs. Floating stairs attach directly to the supporting wall and seem to float without a supporting structure. Choose warm woods with distinctive wood grains, like alder, cedar and maple, paired with stainless steel hardware.

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stylish stairs

Stylish Stairs

design ideas for stairs

Design Ideas For Stairs

contemporary stairs

Contemporary Stairs

U shaped stairs

U Shaped  Stairs

great stairs

Great Stairs

Also, a spiral stairs has a central radius, usually a pole of some sort, that it circles around. This stair type is not usually a functional choice, but a decorative one. A spiral stair draws attention as a room’s focal point, like a piece of furniture or art. They are most commonly used in loft apartments and two-story libraries. Spiral stairs are often made from steel, but can be made from wood as well. The design of a spiral stair can make them hazardous and are not recommended for homes with children. These were just a few ideas for you. There are literally other dozen ideas of magazines dedicated for home improvements or home designs. You may collect different designs from these magazines. They feature different and varied designs on stairs and you may pick one that is just right for your home. You may of course improve on some details to fit it perfectly to your house. This is the easy task in choosing a design. It is the same as just ordering a pre made stairs and all you have to do is install with all the easy to follow procedure on how to do it. But if you want to really own the design then you have to really design it yourself.

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