Interior Landscaping Plants

Interior landscaping plants enhances the look of the place and makes it green and pleasing to the eyes. The idea of interior landscaping came into popularity over the past two decades. Today, many homes, office buildings, shopping malls and other commercial establishments are designed with specific areas meant for interior landscaping plants. Interior landscaping has become a necessity in interior design rather than a luxury.

Beautiful Interior Landscaping Plants

There are some examples of common interior landscaping plants for your home or office. With spines and architectural shapes, cacti are popular interior landscaping plants. Succulents are similar in appearance to cacti, but have leaves and no spines. Both cacti and succulents need at least four hours of sunshine daily and are tolerant to dry indoor air. Species that are from jungle environments require more water than those from desert climates. Some cacti and succulents produce flowers, but need a period of dormancy to do so. With care, cacti will continue to grow for decades. The long, spined column of the Peruvian apple cactus looks like a typical cactus. Succulents, such as the aloe plant and the jade plant, will grow to between two and three feet high indoors. Some cacti have barbed spines that will stick in your skin. Keep these cacti away from activity areas and from children.

 awesome landscaping plants

 Awesome Landscaping Plants

Another an excellent medium light plant is the durable and attractive Laurel Fig and the unique Madagascar Dragon Tree, which is great as an accent in your design. These interior landscaping plants will survive despite poor gardening habits such as forgetting to water the plants. You can also go for citrus trees. Add a touch of elegance to your interior landscape with citrus trees. Growing to about three feet tall, trees such as the calamondian orange and the Meyer lemon are easy to grow and produce miniature fruit, starting in their second year of growth. Crushing the leaves releases a citrus scent and the flowers are fragrant as well. The fruits of the calamondian orange are edible, though they may have a tart taste.

Palms are treelike evergreens, with woody stems. They are mostly plants of the tropics where they can reach heights of up to 30 feet. Indoors, however, they usually grow to a height of 3 to 4 feet. The foliage of palms is highly textured and is either in the shape of a fan, where the fronds radiate out from a central point, or in the shape of a feather, in which the leaves attach to a central view in parallel lines. Easy to grow fan palms include the European fan palm. There are more varieties of feather palms, such as the parlor palm which adapts well to low light, and the sentry palm which can reach a height of 8 feet. While most interior landscaping plants can withstand the special conditions of an interior environment, proper caring for them is still essential because they are still vulnerable to insect and pest problems.

 amazing interior landscaping plants

Amazing Interior Landscaping Plants

landscaping plants for interior

Landscaping Plants For Interior

great interior landscaping plants

Great Interior Landscaping Plants

tall interior landscaping plants

Tall Interior Landscaping Plants

living room landscaping plants

Living Room Landscaping Plants

Make sure to give the plants the correct amount of fertilizers as too much may damage and kill the plant. Manage the size of the plant by using the right container size. Make sure that these plants do not come in your way. You can easily manage the size of the plant using the appropriate container size. If you purchased the interior landscaping plants from a greenhouse, you can expect it to undergo an acclimation period. It may loose some leaves but will eventually adapt to its new environment.

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