Great Ideas for Space Under Stairs

Stairs are wonderful for some mild aerobic exercise and the treads will hold neat piles of books and other items waiting to go upstairs. If you have stairs in your home, you probably have some empty space under stairs that need to be filled. The space under stairs has even more possibilities. You can fit a whole room down there, you still have space for bookshelves, water closet, library, shelving, etc. Space under stairs is a great place to find additional space.

Useful Space Under Stairs Ideas

Here are some great ideas for space under stairs. Firstly, the hollow space under stairs is a prime suspect for the creation of an additional closet for the home. Whether a do-it-yourself project or the work of a professional carpenter, the outer walls may be removed and the area framed for walls and a door. This closet may be short in height due to the angle of the stairs, which makes it good for children to hang up jackets and coats. It also provides a place for play items such as roller skates, skateboards and other child-size sports equipment. Then, line your under-stairs closet with multiple shelves, especially if you’ll be using it to store items other than clothing. Installing shelves from top to bottom allows you to use the space to keep almost anything, including books, canned goods, small storage boxes, glassware, dinnerware, linens and towels. If the space under your stairs is large enough, shelves may also be installed in a “U” shape to maximize the use of all the walls in the closet.

mini library space under stairs

Mini Library Space Under Stairs

For the avid reader, there is often not enough space for a treasured collection of books. The unused space under a staircase may be transformed into a spot just for these homeless items. The uneven ceiling created by the slope of the stairs is not a problem for books of various heights. The space will typically allow for one tall set of shelves along the upper slope, one angled set along the back and a short set along the downward slant of the stairs. If the stairs are wide enough, one shelf may be eliminated to create space for a chair in which to enjoy the books. Then, another idea is go for shoe racks. Store your shoes by installing shoe racks in your under-stairs closet. Rows of shoe racks may be installed in your closet that can hold all kinds of shoes and even shoe boxes. This kind of shelving is different from other kinds, as it’s installed with a slight downward slant. Another option for shoe racks is to install nickel or chrome rails. A pull-out shoe organizer may also be installed depending on the depth of your closet.

Put a long, skinny bathroom under the stairwell or a tall, skinny powder room. There usually is space for a small decorative sink, a “silent” toilet and a towel stand or cabinet. If the area is big enough, you could add a tub or shower. Very pale colors or white-on-white give the illusion of more space. You also will need a door that closes securely (with a latch) so that no party guest mistakes an occupied water closet for a coat closet. Or you can make your space under stairs into dresser draws. Dresser draws are a convenient way to store items. When closed, they hide the items inside, leaving a clutter-free view. For additional drawers in a home, convert the area under the stairs to a built-in dresser. The traditional angle of staircases lends itself to multiple widths and heights for drawers. A carpenter can plan and frame the area for the inclusion of bureau-type openings along with wide or deep draws. Even the smallest of areas close to the bottom of the stairs may be transformed into draw spaces for little items.

bicycle storage space under stairs

Bicycle Storage Space Under Stairs

reading nook space under stairs

Reading Nook Space Under Stairs

shelves storage space under stairs

Shelves Storage Space Under Stairs

cool storage space under stairs

Cool Storage Space Under Stairs

water closet space under stairs

Water Closet Space Under Stairs

space under stairs playhouse

Space Under Stairs Playhouse

If your child needs a little place to play consider making the most of your under the stair space by putting in a small play room. You can place a child’s size table and chairs, a toy box, a place to read, and more. You can place all her toys and coloring supplies in baskets and crates to help accent the room. When building in the wall, you can add a tiny square window from the door to give her more light while she plays. A small square braided rug would work well. These were some ideas for space under stairs that might give you a new idea to maximize your staircase. After all, this is a space that’s already spent. Your next feat is to use good quality parts for your staircase, such as those found stair warehouse will ultimately guarantee its durability. This is because now you will be adding a different functionality to your staircase.

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