How to Build a Grape Arbor by Yourself

Grapevines are rustic and charming additions to any house, and can live for more than 50 years with the right care. Part of caring for a grapevine is keeping it off the ground with an arbor. These grape arbor can produce a visually pleasing harvest of luscious ripe grapes, ready to be picked, dangling above your head. If you are interested in the aesthetics of the vines, you can create grape arbor. Then you will need to learn how to build a grape arbor. How to build a grape arbor is often a point of concern for people just starting out. However, it is really not very difficult. In fact, building a home grape arbor is an easy weekend project. Below are some simple steps to build a home grape arbor.

DIY: How to Build a Grape Arbor

Before you start to learn some steps about how to build a grape arbor, you will need some things to prepare. Such 4 corner posts, 9 ft. x 4 in. x 4 in., garden rocks, measuring tape, post hole digger, shovel, quick setting concrete, bucket, garden hose, pea gravel, 2 support posts, 9 ft. long, screw-in eye hooks, screwdriver, 10-gauge wire, wire ties, 12 nails, 6 in. long and 3 boards, 7 ft. long, 2 in. x 4 in.

how to build a grape arbor in simple way

How To Build A Grape Arbor In Simple Way

Then after these things prepared, let us begin to build. Here’s the steps how to build a grape arbor that you can follow. Firstly, choose a flat area about 18 feet long and 5 feet wide in which to build your grape arbor. Be sure the entire site receives at least six hours of sunlight a day. Place a row of garden rocks along a border that runs the length of an 18 foot row. Mark a corresponding 18 foot row of rocks five feet across from the first row. This frames the outline of your grape arbor.

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Dig holes for four corner posts at the four corners of your outline. Holes should be at least 2 feet deep to avoid heaving in winter frosts. Then, use a bucket and garden hose to mix up a batch of quick-setting concrete. Follow the instructions on the concrete powder bag. Pour the contents into the holes that hold the corner posts. Fill the corner post holes in with dirt. Tamp down until firm. Add a two inch layer of pea gravel atop the soil around each corner post.

Install support posts at the half-way points, or about nine feet, between the corner posts on both sides of the arbor. Dig holes at least two feet deep. These will support the trunks of your grapevines as they grow. Remove the garden rocks. Screw two sets of eye-hooks into each of the corner posts and into the support posts. Place one set of eye-hooks two feet up from the ground and a second set five feet up from the ground.

Stretch taut lines of 10-gauge wire lengthwise from one corner post to the other. Secure the wire in the eye-hooks with wire ties. Nail lintel boards across the tops of the end posts to form gateways at both ends of your arbor. Nail a board across the top of your center trunk support post. Let about a foot of board hang over each side of the post. Plant your grapevines in front of the center support posts. Train the canes to run along the wires. As they grow, canes can also be trained to climb along the lintel boards and across the arbor top, forming a fruit-bearing canopy.

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how to build a grape arbor for home garden

How To Build A Grape Arbor For Home Garden

how to build a grape arbor lasting

How To Build A Grape Arbor Lasting

how to build a grape arbor addition

How To Build A Grape Arbor Addition

Well, these were how to build a grape arbor.  For a few tip, to keep your grape arbor looking neat and tidy, clear the sod or grass off the strip of land running between your corner posts. After all, grape arbors make great additions to home gardens because they help train uncontrolled vines, as well as create an intimate shaded area in which to entertain. You also can weave a grape vine through a grape arbor so that it can get the maximum amount of light.

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