Inspired Patio Ideas

A patio is a space in your garden where you can invite guests to dine or do some recreational activities. It is every homeowner’s dream to have a patio in their courtyard. Not only does it add to the beauty of a home, but it is also very functional. When it comes to decorating your patio, there are so many inspired patio ideas that great for your outdoor space. For new inspiration, below are some inspired patio ideas that can enhance your outdoor patio. Take a look!

Decorating Your Patio with Inspired Patio Ideas

One inspired patio idea that just about anyone can afford to do is add some plants to the area. This can be in the form of hanging plants, potted plants, or if you have the ground to do it, plants that are put right into the ground. If you like flowers, planting some flowers will instantly add some color and style to the area that wasn’t there before. Decorative planters also add a nice touch, but if you are working on budget you can stick with just the dirt in the ground to create a great look!

beautiful patio ideas

Beautiful Patio Ideas

If you need patio ideas for the flooring of your patio, you aren’t alone. Decks are very popular because they give a great look, they are great for entertaining, and can even add value to your home. If want a different patio idea, you can always buy brick and put in your own patio. Colored bricks and stones make a great looking patio that your friends and family will love to spend time on! Slate, colored brick, gravel, and stones all make great patio flooring. Your home store will likely carry a wide variety of patio flooring options for you to choose from.

If you need patio ideas that involve some sort of covering, you’ll have plenty to choose from. Traditional roofs cover many patios, some are more of an awning style, and others still have no real roof, instead they choose seating that has an umbrella that will provide protection from the elements. These patio ideas can be big or small, and can be adapted to just about any space. Awnings can be detachable or permanent, and can create a real extension of your home.

If you already use your patio a lot, one of the best patio ideas is a screened in porch look. This will give you the porch that you love, but will also protect you from the sun, the rain, and most importantly, the bugs! This is a great idea for your patio, and can make the space usable year around, which is nice.

Patio ideas that include some kind of water feature may enhance any outside living space into a private paradise. The small-scale water feature can create a soothing mood as well as turn into the focal point of one’s patio design. The trickling noises of the water are calming. Additionally they bring in birds and butterflies of countless types. A ornamental fountain could be hidden into a nook, constructed into a wall or put into the middle of the patio.

If you wanted to get a warm look for your patio, then try this one; tuscan theme. To achieve, try to use materials that echo the designs of Tuscany. For designers on a budget, consider using gravel for your patio flooring. Opt for subtle colors, but avoid using white or gray. More advanced flooring options include Arto pavers, flagstone, pebble tile or bricks. For the walls, consider stucco, bricks, porcelain tile or ceramic tile. Then, for accessories, opt for a fountain with an aged appearance that mimics Italian designs.

ivy covered patio ideas

Ivy Covered Patio Ideas

creative patio ideas

Creative Patio Ideas

great patio ideas

Great Patio Ideas

lovely patio ideas

Lovely Patio Ideas

warm patio ideas

Warm Patio Ideas

When creating a Tuscan patio, you should also include multiple terra cotta containers in similar colors and various sizes. And for the plants, you can choosing ones from Mediterranean regions. While Tuscan design does not rely heavily on vivid floral arrangements, it does rely on trees, shrubs and leafy plants. If space allows, consider adding an Italian cypress tree, olive tree or citrus trees. These were some inspired patio ideas for you. These ideas add an extra element to the dwelling that is appealing to the eyes and functional as well. Also, don’t be afraid to get creative and think of your own patio ideas, whether they are functional or decorative. When you think of your patio as an extension of your home, it’s a lot easier and even fun to really transform it into a space that you love.

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