Beautiful Bohemian Bedroom Ideas

The word bohemian conjures images of plush fabrics and strong colors set to a freestyle decorating motif. Eclectic and colorful, a bohemian bedroom is rich in personality and diverse in the details. If you want to create a bohemian bedroom for yourself then there are several bohemian bedroom ideas that available. But the bohemian bedroom ideas are limit only in your imagination. Play with your creativity but don’t forget about the concept of bohemian style. Today, we will give you a few bohemian bedroom ideas to create your own beautiful bohemian bedroom. Keep reading…

Enhance Your Bedroom Look with Beautiful Bohemian Bedroom Ideas

In the bohemian bedroom ideas play with layers of color. For the walls, choose paint in earthy or jeweled tones, such as rich brown, rusty orange, deep burgundy or emerald green. Each wall can be a different color, or choose two alternating colors. The floors, too, benefit from layering—in the form of area rugs. Look for Persian-inspired rugs with coordinating (but not matching) colors with your walls. Even if you have a carpeted bedroom, laying rugs down seemingly haphazardly adds to the overall bohemian feel.

cute bohemian bedroom ideas

Cute Bohemian Bedroom Ideas

Bedding in varying jeweled or earthy tones is sumptuous. Mix up the colors in the bedding. With jeweled-toned bedding, choose navy sheets, a maroon comforter cover and an amber throw. Bring in various textures, as well; cotton sheets under a satin duvet, with a wool throw and decorative polyester pillows builds upon the bohemian theme. Draperies can be layered. Hang at least two draperies, such as a filmy white drapery with a heavier velvet curtain on the outer edges. Ties with beads or fringe holding the curtains back add yet another layer.

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Then in the bohemian bedroom ideas, clutter is not a problem; it’s an art. More is better, so when it comes to displaying photos, feel free to pack them in a tight space. Frame the photos in a bevy of sizes and shapes, using jeweled frames that look as if they have been in the family for several generations. Small collections, if there is adequate space for them, work well in a bohemian bedroom. They can sit together on a table or ledge or in a shadow box on the wall. Just remember to group like items together. Some collectibles to consider: perfume bottles, old cameras, tiny boxes (e.g., pill boxes), old musical instruments or spectacles. Any items that capture your heart and spark conversation are good choices. Hanging art is a terrific nod to the artistry of the bohemian lifestyle, and copies of some of the great artists of the day are available for a song. Toulouse-Lautrec’s “Moulin Rouge: La Goulue” famously represents the times. Find a large poster and frame it in black—a true statement for a bohemian bedroom.

rustic bohemian bedroom ideas

Rustic Bohemian Bedroom Ideas

elegant bohemian bedroom ideas

ElegantĀ  Bohemian Bedroom Ideas

exotic bohemian bedroom ideas

Exotic Bohemian Bedroom Ideas

pretty bohemian bedroom ideas

Pretty Bohemian Bedroom Ideas

Since bohemians enjoyed much more than just what met the eye, don’t forget about the other senses. The sense of smell is one of the most powerful senses. Enhance the air with diffusers or incense sticks; rich amber, sensual sandalwood or the ever-groovy patchouli are classically bohemian scents. For the sense of taste, brew tea with cinnamon or orange blossoms. Listen to any music that makes you feel romantic or artistic; rousing can-can music is authentic but may be more rowdy than what you’d expect. Well, these just a few bohemian bedroom ideas that you can consider to try. A bedroom is a retreat where you go to get away and recharge from your hectic day. This is why creating your bedroom into a bohemian style is a great way to introduce a relaxed, carefree feel to this space. Take these above ideas, and you are well on your way to your new bohemian bedroom.

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