Quiet Simple Small Bathroom Designs

If you’re combating a cramped bathroom, then it may be time to clean house. You don’t have to spend a lot of time or money to create a beautiful small bathroom. Transforming a sterile space into a room you love to spend time in is simple. SomeĀ simple small bathroom designs can help you utilize every inch of a small space and create the illusion of a big bathroom. In this article, we’ll show you how to transform your small bathroom with several simple small bathroom designs into a beautiful retreat.

Effortless Simple Small Bathroom Designs

There are severalĀ simple small bathroom designs that you can use to achieve the illusion of space without spending a lot of money on smaller fixtures. Throw out the boring and bland bathroom shower curtains and install a new glass shower enclosure. By creating a see-through shower design, you can accent fixtures and tiles that normally would be hidden by walls or curtains. And don’t worry about glass shower enclosures being too see through; semi-translucent glass doors create the ultimate in glass bathroom designs. For tips, it’s not all about the enclosure; it’s about what’s in it. Vibrant tile and flashy fixtures create a look and feel that transcends any clear glass enclosure. Use task and accent lights to enhance the glass shower enclosure perfectly.

lovely simple small bathroom designsLovely Simple Small Bathroom Designs

Tile is in just about every bathroom shower or tub enclosure. Used to keep water and moisture from entering through the walls, tile is more than just a practical bathroom material. They have an aesthetic feature that makes them attractive and desirable in all areas of the bathroom. From floors to walls to backsplashes to vanities, tiles can be used in all aspects of bathroom design. Best of all, tiles come in a huge variety of colors and styles allowing you to fit any tile design into simple small bathroom designs . Tile doesn’t have to be set in the typical square on square design pattern. Brick, herringbone and vertical design methods can make any tile design into an artistic masterpiece. Throw in unlimited colors for grout and you’ve got a tile design that’s as unique as your bathroom design.

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cozy simple small bathroom designs

Cozy Simple Small Bathroom Designs

pretty simple small bathroom designs

Pretty Simple Small Bathroom Designs

open simple small bathroom designs

Open Simple Small Bathroom Designs

sleek simple small bathroom designs

Sleek Simple Small Bathroom Designs

awesome simple small bathroom designs

Awesome Simple Small Bathroom Designs

Bathroom counters are the mainstay in simple small bathroom designs yet any design. Being the first thing any guest sees when entering the bathroom space, a vanity countertop should represent your design theme perfectly. But even when design themes change over the years, a bathroom vanity countertop is going to stay. That’s why it’s so important to choose a countertop that’s neutral in colors and tones so that it can easily be adopted into future design themes with ease. Well, these above are some easy simple ways to enhance your small bathroom. Feel free to mix and match these above design ideas with your own creativity.

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