Types of Living Room Lighting

One of the most important rooms in our home is the living room, also known as the family room. And lighting in this room plays a major role in its overall appearance and functionality. When looking for the proper living room lighting, consider about three basic of living room lighting types. Such as general, task and accent. For more explain about these types of living room lighting, find it in the following paragraphs.

Types of Living Room Lighting Information

General or ambient living room lighting is used to illuminate an entire space. In the living room, ceiling pendants or chandeliers provide direct ambient lighting, cast a soft glow and are decorative. Recessed incandescent lights will keep the line of the ceiling simple and also function as mood lighting when controlled by a dimmer switch.

contemporary living room lighting

Contemporary Living Room Lighting

For close-up work like reading or sewing, place task lamps by seating areas. Place table lamps on side tables or cabinetry, or use floor lamps next to chairs. Task lighting should be positioned so that the light shines over your shoulder when you are seated. The indirect lighting given by a table lamp is softened by the lampshade.

Accent lighting is used to highlight different areas of the room. Downlights direct light downward to illuminate surfaces. Install downlights over the fireplace to illuminate the mantle. Over the billiards table, install pendant fixtures which will serve double-duty as task lighting. Hang low-voltage picture lights directly over artwork to cast a light directly over the face of the painting. Use lights that direct light up in the corners of your living room to visually expand the space. Place a fixture in the base of a floor plant to illuminate the foliage.

wall living room lighting

Wall Living Room Lighting

awesome living room lighting

 Awesome Living Room Lighting

pretty living room lighting

 Pretty Living Room Lighting

Finally, make sure you are using everything at your disposal to create the optimum living room lighting ambiance. For a few tips, if you have a specific color theme for your living room, it’s a good idea to include living room lighting in the area that matches the furniture and room decor. For instance, if you’ve chosen shades of red for this part of the home, bulbs in red or orange add warm lighting to the living room that can make your prized furniture pieces stand out even more. It is very important to create a nice atmosphere where you and your family can enjoy each other’s company and relax. This is why learning how to balance all the different types of living room lighting accents are keys to success.

wall living room lighting , Types of Living Room Lighting In  Category
awesome living room lighting , Types of Living Room Lighting In  Category
contemporary living room lighting , Types of Living Room Lighting In  Category
pretty living room lighting , Types of Living Room Lighting In  Category

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