Useful Kitchen Storage

Kitchens are often the focal room of a home, the place where household members congregate, preparing and consuming meals together. But, this area of the house prone can be get messy and clutter. Stocked foods in the pantry, various dish sets in the cabinets and utensils can all become disorganized as you prepare meals for the family. To keep everything in its place, organized and ready for use, then you will need kitchen storage. The right kitchen storage can help showcase the decorative accents you’ve added to your kitchen to make it a welcome space for your guests and family members. With a few ideas for kitchen storage, you can rejuvenate the space and utilize areas in the most efficient and attractive ways.

Kitchen Storage Ideas

Rolled carts add kitchen storage that is versatile, creating counter space and storage that can move around the kitchen with you. Some kitchen carts are equipped with a wooden chopping board top, creating a mobile cutting station. Mounting individual shelves to walls or adding a shelving unit can increase your storage and can hold anything. Keep the items that you use frequently between waist and shoulder height on the shelves for maximum usability. Don’t store any spices on shelves above the stove, as the spices will lose some of their flavor due to the heat.

awesome kitchen storage

Awesome Kitchen Storage

Hanging storage is best for your larger utensils and dishes. For instance, if you cook pasta and soups often, hang your favorite pots above the stove so the dishes are easily accessible, and they’ll look great when you’re not using them. You can also use hanging storage units for the large utensils you cook with. Adding some spotlights or track lighting around the hanging unit will showcase the dishes you like best, and the decor can serve as a constant reminder to your friends and family of the delicious meals that are prepared in the space.

hanging kitchen storage

Hanging Kitchen Storage

shelves kitchen storage

Shelves Kitchen Storage

great kitchen storage

Great Kitchen Storage

functional kitchen storage

Functional Kitchen Storage

Use pullout or sliding shelves for storage in the kitchen to make the most of your space. They will also add another slightly decorative element to the space. If you don’t have lots of cabinets or drawers in the kitchen, install a small cabinet with a pullout shelf by the stove to store spices. To house your plates, saucers and charger plates, you can have a pullout storage unit installed right next to the dishwasher so putting the dishes away will be a breeze. If you’ve used two or three colors to decorate your kitchen, the storage cabinets can be color-coordinated to denote what is stored there, i.e. a green cabinet for spices, or a tan cabinet for dishes. These were just a few kitchen storage ideas for you. After all, be creative. You know how you use your kitchen. Come up with your own innovative kitchen storage ideas and then make it happen. Chances are good there is already something out there to help you! It’s never too late to organize and beautify your kitchen. This is a lively room full of activity and socialization. Make it one that simplifies the work so you can focus on the fun too!

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