Dining Room Tile Options

Dining rooms are a place where friends and family often gather, and natural wear and tear happens over the years. Select durable tile for your floor that can also blend the style and theme of surrounding rooms in your home. The best dining room tile floors are not just durable and blend well, but also attractive and easy to clean. Below are some dining room tile floor options that might help you to choose which tile floor that great for your dining room.

Dining Room Tile Ideas

Marble tile is a common choice for dining room tile floors with an elegant and expensive style. Use large, polished, rectangular, Italian cream marble tiles for the floors. Italian cream marble has a cream and beige base color with dark beige veins. Place the tiles as tightly as possible for a seamless appearance. The rich marble tiles are versatile and match many styles. Try an ornate, white wood table in the dining room for a fresh look. Use dark mahogany cabinets with a single, Italian cream marble slab countertop with carved mahogany dining furniture for a classic look.

marble dining room tile

Marble Dining Room Tile

Then, combine unusual colors and sharp lines to create a dining room tile floor with a modern look. Use small, octagonal, ceramic tiles in lavender, jade, lilac and gray for the basic floor. Install tiny square black ceramic tiles in the open areas between the octagonal tiles. Use white, black, gray or jade furniture and lavender or lilac decorations for dining room.

earthy dining room tile

Earthy Dining Room Tile

stunning dining room tile

Stunning Dining Room Tile

dining room tile flooring

Dining Room Tile Flooring

Use earthy and simple tile for dining room floor with a rustic style. Install broken flagstone tiles with streaks of rust, brown and gray to create an earthy floor. Add rustic wood pieces to each room, such as plain pine cabinets with flagstone tile counter tops, a log picnic table, and split-log shelves. Another dining room tile options are granite tiles. Use large, polished, square tiles of blue macauba granite for the floors. Blue macauba is from Brazil and has light blue and gray granite with bold blue streaks. Add a cobalt blue table with matching granite tile on top, blue chairs, and silvery candle or vase decorations to the dining room. Well, these were some options of dining room tile. Dining rooms are the center of your home, which is why they become the place of congregation of family members at some point of time in a day.  Also, it can be the most busy place in your home, that’s why choose a dining room tile that great and easy to clean.

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