Decorating The Galley Kitchens

Galley kitchens tend to be fairly small. Galley kitchens tend to be long and narrow. Some galley kitchens are so narrow, the only way two people can work together is side-by-side. If you live in a small apartment or an older home, you probably have a galley kitchen.┬áBut these kitchens have the advantage of minimizing the number of steps the cook has to take between appliances and workspace. With the right ideas to decorating a galley kitchen, you won’t mind cooking in your galley kitchen. Below are some ideas to decorating a galley kitchen. Take a look!

Decorating Ideas for Galley Kitchens

Here are several ideas to decorate the galley kitchens. An efficient galley kitchen design fits together like a jigsaw puzzle. To allow enough room for a wide sink in a narrow counter, mount the faucet on the wall above it. Install open shelves over the sink and dishwasher to hold the dishes that are rinsed, washed unloaded and reshelved right in the same spot. High shelves that reach the ceiling are accessed with a folding step ladder that slides under a counter when not in use. To avoid losing things in the dim recesses of a dark cupboard, the cabinet fronts are attached to a pull-out pantry that replaces fixed shelves. Light-colored marble counters and backsplashes in this kitchen blend into pale driftwood upper walls that reflect light on the work spaces. Cabinets are plain, unpaneled cherry wood and the stove, refrigerator and dishwasher are sleek stainless steel.

great galley kitchens

Great Galley Kitchens

Open up a small galley kitchen and give it a sense of spaciousness by laying floorboards lengthwise from the kitchen straight through to the adjoining breakfast nook or dining area. Eliminate upper cabinets, if possible, using floating shelving or leaving the upper walls bare. Install an unbroken stretch of counter to emphasize the empty space left by the absence of top cabinets. Keep colors simple but not monochrome. Stainless steel appliances are sophisticated when paired with granite or dark stone counters, natural wood cabinets and dark ceramic tile or stone floors. The paint on the walls and ceiling should match; neutrals—white, linen, pale dove gray or even a whisper of mint green are all good choices. Use glass-paned pocket doors at the end of the narrow kitchen to close it off when necessary or open it without visual obstruction when the cook is in residence.

simple way to decorate the galley kitchens

Simple Way To Decorate The Galley Kitchens

fresh galley kitchens

Fresh Galley Kitchens

awesome galley kitchens

Awesome Galley Kitchens

The original galley kitchen is the cook space on a sailboat or yacht that can inspire space-saving ideas in the landlubber’s too-small kitchen. An L-shaped galley provides a secure place for the cook to stand in rough seas. Use a teak floor grid in the L of your kitchen instead of an area rug. A gimballed stovetop over a sailor’s oven keeps the soup in the pot when the boat heels. A metal rail around your stovetop looks suitably yachty. On a boat, galley storage is customized so each piece of equipment has a place and counters are kept clear. Cabinets have lazy Susans so every item in them is instantly accessible. Borrow both these ideas for your minuscule kitchen. Use crisp blue and white for curtains and dishtowels, add a kitchen clock shaped like a bronze porthole, paper one wall in nautical charts and sail off into supper. These were some ideas to decorate the galley kitchens. If you have a small galley kitchen, then these above ideas would be great way to try to remodel your galley kitchen.

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