Wonderful Stair Design for The Homes

What most homeowners fail to see and oftentimes overlook is the stair design. Many think that a stair’s design will not affect the whole theme of the house, but what they did not see is that the stairs can also be decorated and styled according to your personal taste. If you are one of those who looking for stair design ideas, then you are in the right page. Today we will give some stair design ideas that great for your home. Keep in mind to choose according you home space, size, needs and of course your home style.

Different Ideas of Stair Design for The Homes

Here are several stair design ideas for you. First of all, if you are a fan of the natural look and love the great outdoors, then choose traditional stair design. A very traditional staircase design ascends in a straight line, with a wooden banister parallel to the stairs, a little above waist-height and secured to each step by a wooden spindle or baluster. Often the balusters are turned, with smoothly rounded edges. A modern, stark look can be achieved by painting the banisters a contrasting color and using clean, crisp lines. Other common materials include aluminum, vinyl and even wrought iron. Aluminum or vinyl are ideal for all-weather spaces, and wrought iron lends a sophisticated touch. Ornate banisters often end with a flourish, sometimes circling around a finial at their base. Wooden banisters may feature decorative carvings. A full banister and balusters will provide the greatest safety of any staircase designs, making them ideal for homes with children or the infirm.

traditional stair design

Traditional Stair Design

Then, for those of you who looking for more different design then go for unusual stair design. Typical staircase layouts include the spiral staircase, which has pie-shaped steps winding around a central beam; the straight staircase, which is usually flush with a single wall; and the L-shaped staircase, which ascends to a landing and then changes direction for the rest of the ascent. Among these basic types, countless variations abound. Milk Design, of Chicago, includes examples of non-traditional staircases as part of its online portfolio. Simple straight staircases are updated with contrasting materials and colors. Plexiglass replaces traditional balusters to offer safety without sacrificing a degree of transparency. Iron and Wire specializes in balustrades made from heavy-duty wire. For homes without children, “floating” staircases are without any railings whatsoever, complementing sleek, contemporary design.

spiral stair design

Spiral Stair Design

great stair design

Great Stair Design

storage stair design

Storage Stair Design

U stair design

U Stair Design

modern stair design

Modern Stair Design

If you want to your stair at home more multifunction then go for storage space in stair design. Many designers have caught on to the considerable unused space available beneath a staircase and have taken advantage of it for extra storage. In many older homes, the space beneath a straight staircase is walled off and used as an enclosed closet or cabinet. Some innovative designs also incorporate storage. Unicraft Joinery, of Australia, has designed staircases with individual drawers enclosed within each step. An innovative staircase-cum-bookshelf was designed for a London flat by Rodrigues Associates, Structural Engineers. Between each of the steps, a recessed shelf offers ample storage for books, magazines and CDs. Well, these were some stair design for your home. Stair design is a great opportunity for anybody to let their personality shine through. So make sure you choose a design that would match the theme of your home and a design that takes safety into account.

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