Victorian House Interior Designs

If you love Victorian house interior design, this article is right for you. Victorian house interior design is one of the most attractive and popular interior design styles. The Victorian style, both in architecture and interior design, is eclectic. It is a mix of styles past and contemporary conveniences. Victorian embodies a variety of architectural and decorative fashions, from old world ornate to what was then edgy and urban. This style, which has its roots in the Victorian Era, can be easily created in a home, without the need to hire an interior designer.

Victorian House Interior Design Ideas

The Victorian wall in Victorian house interior design was divided into three parts, a wainscoting at the bottom of the wall, a frieze at the top and a field in the middle. You can approximate the three-part wall without using wood moldings by using wallpapers that imitate the wainscoting, frieze and field. One wall decorating product from the Victorian era that is still available today is called Lincrusta-Walton. Lincrusta is a heavily embossed material, much like lightweight linoleum. Applied like wallpaper, you can paint or highlight it to imitate wood, leather or another material. You can use Lincrusta to substitute for any portion of the wall. To recreate the way Victorians hung artwork, hang pictures at standing eye-level in a single row around the room, using decorative cords and hooks. Traditionally, the hooks were placed on a picture rail, just beneath the frieze.

stunning victorian house interior

Stunning Victorian House Interior

For the ceiling, the easiest way to achieve a decorative ceiling is with wallpaper. Choose from the many decorative wallpapers available, some reproductions of earlier wallpapers, others interpretations based on graphic designs popular in the Victorian era. Some ceiling papers are part of “sets” of wallpapers that include papers for wainscoting, field and frieze. You can replicate a metal ceiling using Lincrusta, painted to resemble metal. Then, for the window treatment, depending on the age of your home, formal drapes that reach the floor may be in order for the parlor and dining rooms. Originally, the materials included silk, damask, satin and velvet in the grand homes of the time, but most homes used wool for windows in their public rooms and libraries. Often, lace sheers—called glass curtains at the time—were hung between the drapes and the window, as they are today. Drapes began to fall out of favor in the 1880s, and shorter curtains, like today’s, began to appear in all rooms. Grilles were used at windows and doorways in the Victorian era, especially for darker rooms. The grilles were placed at the top of a the window frame with curtains below.

romantic victorian house interior

Romantic Victorian House Interior

amazing  victorian house interior

AmazingĀ  Victorian House Interior

awesome victorian house interior

Awesome Victorian House Interior

elegant  victorian house interior

ElegantĀ  Victorian House Interior

For the furniture in Victorian house interior design, balloon-back chairs weren’t the only furniture in the parlor, although this style is the epitome of what most consider to be Victorian. What we think of as fine antiques today were nothing but used furniture during the Victorian period. Like today’s furniture, Victorians mixed styles, so use an eclectic mix of furniture to recreate this look in your own home. A balloon-back chair, a fainting couch and a reproduction of a Louis XIV revival chair or two will give your room a truly Victorian air. Place small side tables, covered with lace doilies, to display any number of artifacts, small photographs and prized possessions. These were some design ideas of Victorian house interior. After all, Victorian homes are associated with simple elegance, beauty and offer a distinct style for your home.

amazing  victorian house interior , Victorian House Interior Designs In  Category
awesome victorian house interior , Victorian House Interior Designs In  Category
elegant  victorian house interior , Victorian House Interior Designs In  Category
romantic victorian house interior , Victorian House Interior Designs In  Category
stunning victorian house interior , Victorian House Interior Designs In  Category

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