Top Popular Living Room Colors

Your living room is a place where you and your family want to spend time together and bond. The walls of your living room should appear inviting and time-lasting, matching your present furniture and your furniture yet purchased. To pick the right color to use for your walls, consider some top popular living room colors and determine if any of these options match your decorating style. With these popular living room colors, your living room will become a room wherein your family will spend happy hours making memories.

great popular living room colorsGreat Popular Living Room Colors

Great Popular Living Room Colors

Like said before, there are several top popular living room colors. And the first popular color is neutrals. Neutrals are, popular, hands down, the safest option, which does not at all imply that they don’t make for fabulous living rooms. Light taupe, mushroom gray, varieties of white (eggshell, ivory, dune) all create a muted palette that lets the furniture, artwork and accents take center stage. Shades in this category create a tranquil and uncomplicated vibe. They are also versatile, translating from city loft to lake house. Those who like to redecorate will find that these colors are a lovely backdrop for nearly every design philosophy. Depending on the furniture and decor, this family of colors transforms from sophisticated and modern to warm and intimate. Real estate agents and designers also prefer neutrals for houses on the market. Since the living room is usually a central and open space, it can be risky to be overly dramatic (i.e. painting the whole space a bright shade of pink) as it overwhelms visitors. The one caution that should be noted with neutrals is that there needs to be pops of color or a variety of neutral shades to prevent a washed-out effect.

Then for another popular living room colors is warm and cool colors. If you love extravagance and swoon in the presence of deep reds, then the warm color palette is where you belong. This category of color is best for those who have passionate and strong personalities and want to see that reflected in their homes. Reds work best for living rooms in houses in cold places, metropolitan areas and historic neighborhoods. The color is traditional and can be jarring in houses that are oceanfront, for instance. Keep in mind that while the effect can be grand or cozy, red paint is the most difficult paint color with which to work. It often takes a special (darker) primer and several coats before the desired look is achieved; as a result, it can be more expensive. Warm yellows and oranges are also good choices, bringing a satisfying richness to walls.

pale blue popular living room colors

Pale Blue Popular Living Room Colors

sophisticated popular living room colors

Sophisticated Popular Living Room Colors

cool popular living room colors

Cool Popular Living Room Colors

neutral popular living room colors

Neutral Popular Living Room Colors

For the meditative and the calm, cool colors mirror that sense of cleanliness and serenity. Think of pale blues and light greens. In beach houses, avoid the temptation to paint the living room turquoise, as it can be overwhelming. Cool tones should soothe and harmonize, never dominating the design scheme. The blues and greens in this color wheel should evoke shallow waters; dark, bold blues and greens create a different feel altogether and often shrink a room. Look for blue color names with words like these: fresh water, sky, ice, mist, frost, wind, pool. In the greens, pay attention to: mint, celadon, seafoam, parsnip, celery, cucumber and pearl. Well, these were some options of top popular living room colors for you. After all, you should choose the best and the right colors that reflect your family’s decorative personality while giving you room to change or update the look whenever you want.

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