Spooky Easy Halloween Party Decorating Ideas

Halloween is all about dressing up, and this includes decorating your house. Whether you’re throwing a Halloween party for children, adults or both, don’t neglect to “dress it up” with unique, scary or just plain fun decorations. If you are throwing a Halloween party this year, it’s time to get creative and make the party something to remember. Along with the usual treats and cocktails, decorating the venue with items that blend with the overall theme is sure to make the bash a huge success. Luckily, there are a ton of Halloween party decorating ideas that can help you to get a new inspiration. For ease, we will give you some easy Halloween party decorating ideas. You can find it in the following paragraphs.

Freaky Easy Easy Halloween Party Decorating Ideas

Here are a few Halloween party decorating ideas for you. Add illuminated figures and designs to darkened walls by cutting out small images of bats, ghosts, black cats and other scary Halloween designs from pieces of black tag board. Tape the image over the light area of a flashlight. Magnify the images onto a dark wall by taping two magnifying lenses to the end of a paper-towel or toilet-paper tube. with the opposite end of the tube taped over the image on the flashlight. Prop the flashlight on a table or shelf, and experiment with the distance to get the appropriate-size image.

awesome halloween party decorating ideasAwesome Halloween Party Decorating Ideas

Create spooky tombstones out of pieces of foam insulation and spray paint them with gray paint. Choose a spray paint listed for use on foam to prevent damage to or dissolving of the foam. Paint scary names on the tombstone with black paint once the gray spray is dry. Add signs to walls and doors with sayings that make the guests think about what is happening around them. Use phrases such as “Did you hear that?” “Don’t look behind you” and “Don’t open this door.”

Cover furniture with white bed sheets and cobwebs to make the home look abandoned. Add cobwebs to the room corners, and from bookcases and large furniture. Purchase low-cost bed sheets at thrift stores, looking for those with stains or discoloration to increase the effect. The sheets add decoration to the rooms and protect the furniture from spills for an easy clean up after the party. Do not use light fixtures with cobweb decorations as this may create a fire risk. For entryway, add decorations to the entryway to build excitement as the guests enter the party. Set a smoke machine or dry ice near the door to hide what is happening inside. Place tombstones around the front area with names of select guests or the hosts. Add a layer of leaves along the entry path so the guests hear the sound of crinkling while walking through thick fog into the party.

cool halloween party decorating ideasCool Halloween Party Decorating Ideas

scary halloween party decorating ideasScary Halloween Party Decorating Ideas

Well, these were just a few Halloween party decorating ideas. Decorating your home for Halloween can be a lot of fun and the whole family can help out. With a little advance planning and creativity, your decorations can really add to the party atmosphere. After all, llet your creativity lead the way into a fun-filled bash!

awesome halloween party decorating ideas , Spooky Easy Halloween Party Decorating Ideas In  Category
cool halloween party decorating ideas , Spooky Easy Halloween Party Decorating Ideas In  Category
scary halloween party decorating ideas , Spooky Easy Halloween Party Decorating Ideas In  Category

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