Old World Decor Ideas

If you want to add appeal and unique style to your home, you should consider decorating in the style of old world decor. Old World decor is a popular style of decorating, showcasing rich colors, dark woods and chic antiques. The style is comfortable but uncluttered, allowing people to enjoy a sophisticated home with plenty of personal touches. It also is a versatile style that allows people to incorporate their favorite colors and pieces without compromising the Old World feel.

Elegant tOld World Decor Ideas

Furniture should be the center of focus in a room when you’re decorating in Old World decor. A large four-poster bed should be the center of the bedroom. A large chair or armoire can also make your home turn into one from the old world. A large sofa should sit in your living room with a rustic coffee table or ottoman. Dark woods, dark upholsteries and pieces with wrought iron can be a main focus in an old world room. Walls should be painted in darker colors like reds and browns, accented with golds. The colors are reflected of the terra cotta found in Tuscany as well as the old rustic stucco buildings. Rather than put up wallpaper, texture the walls with sponging or another technique in these colors to reflect the outside of older buildings. Or place a strip of border wallpaper with an ornate old world design where the ceiling and walls meet to draw the eye upward.

amazing interior old world decor

Amazing Interior Old World Decor

Antique light fixtures are important additions to an Old World room. Nothing ruins the antiquated look more than a modern buzzing ceiling light. Sconces—especially dark, old-fashioned ones, work well. Tabletop lamps with period shades also give off an antique vibe. HGTV recommends chandeliers for dramatic overhead lighting. Decorators who only have modern brass chandeliers can use spray paint to darken them. Then, wrought iron is a classic old world decor. This can be in the form of details on a large armoire or in a decorative piece that hangs on the wall. A large mirror that’s outlined in ornate wrought iron can be hung in a room to open it up. Wrought iron lamps are also a great way to bring in a small amount of the wrought iron without overdoing it.

stunning old world decor

Stunning Old World Decor

french old world decor

French Old World Decor

old world decor charm

Old World Decor Charm

Linens for Old World decor should be in darker colors with brighter threads in golds and oranges. Braided gold ties always reflect old world decorating and are perfect for heavy draperies. The colors of the linens should reflect the colors of the walls and should consist of heavier fabrics. Purchase fabrics that are elaborate with different patterns. Then, one thing most people forget to give some thought to when home decorating is the floor, so you must be certain to take your old world decorating down to the floor by displaying intriguing area rugs. Don’t forget that your floor decor is a component of your ambiance, so be positive to get something that matches with both the colors together with the decorating theme. Getting oriental style rugs in muted tones will act as a fascinating compliment to the decorating scheme and will work especially well with rich hardwood flooring. These were some Old World decor ideas for you. After all, these Old World decor is the best idea for those of you who wanted to make your house comfortable, well-worn, and look more elegant.

amazing interior old world decor , Old World Decor Ideas In  Category
french old world decor , Old World Decor Ideas In  Category
old world decor charm , Old World Decor Ideas In  Category
stunning old world decor , Old World Decor Ideas In  Category

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