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Is your living room look plain and boring? Then, it’s time for a change. Modern living room design would be your best choice.  The trend in modern living rooms is for a more open design. Clean lines, a minimum of accessories and sharp, well-defined colors characterize modern living room design schemes. In modern design, your living room can also be colorful and inviting. Interested to remodeling your living room into modern look? but don’t know how? then go read some modern living room design ideas in the below paragraphs to get a new inspiration to start.

Modern Living Room Design Ideas

With modern design, you want to cover the basics first and then add color and pattern. Cream colored walls or any neutral shade such as sand is a perfect start. Not only is the look clean, it also adds to the spacious feel. You also want to consider a light colored carpet that complements the color of the walls, or even a natural wood floor. Ceramic tile is a great addition to modern decor as well. Make sure the squares are large, and that the pattern is kept simple. For the furniture, the hallmark of modern living room design is sleek, functional furniture with strong, smooth lines. When it comes to seating, however, you should keep comfort in mind as well. Try to avoid sacrificing a comfortable couch for an ultra-modern design. Glass coffee tables and end tables work well with a modern decor. Black or white furniture is better than a wood finish with this style. Rather than hiding your electronics in a cabinet, feel free to leave your big screen TV and other gadgets on display, as long as the cords are well concealed and nothing looks cluttered.

stunning living room designStunning Living Room Design

Here is where the fun begins – accessories!In any living room, the small touches are what defines the family that lives there. In a modern living room design, it is important that the space doesn’t look cluttered. Allow plenty of open table space, and arrange shelves neatly and precisely. With that in mind, there’s no reason that modern decor can’t display your personal interests. Frame family photos in sleek black or white frames, and even consider some artsy black and white photos. To emphasize technology a little more, use digital photo frames. If you have a lot of straight lines in your furniture, use rounded accessories and rugs to soften the space. If you have rounded furniture and tables, incorporate some straighter lines in the artwork and accessories to keep a sense of balance in the room. For the windows, you can use your own judgment. If you love lots of natural light flowing through the room, consider fabric shades that are easily rolled up so that you can have the entire window open. If curtains are more your style, consider a swag that drapes gracefully to the floor on each side of the window. You can make the drapes yourself out of silk or satin sheets – and they look very expensive. There are dozens of window treatments available today, so go with what you think looks best.

gorgeous living room design

Gorgeous Living Room Design

living room design for the home

Living Room Design For The Home

modern area living room design

Modern Area Living Room Design

good living room design

Good Living Room Design

Recessed ceiling lights and modern floor lamps are perfect to complete the room. Additional lighting may be placed anywhere you need it, or you may want special lighting to accent a favorite wall hanging or even an area above a fireplace. In modern decorating, remember: lots of bold color against a neutral background creates sparks that will be noticed by all who enter. These were just a few design ideas for you. Modern living room design just needs a little thought and planning – if you think ahead it is easier to set a budget and buy the things that will make your living room more comfortable as well as giving you furniture that will give you and your family pleasure for many years.

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