Livingroom Color Ideas For You

Living room colors are essential to making a room become vibrant and full of energy. No one likes a lackluster room full of furniture. Thus, it becomes very important to add some color to your room and make it appear lively. There are several good livingroom color ideas for you. These livingroom color ideas will help you to enhance your living room look. Create a living room with colors that are pleasing to the eye can be just fun and easy project!

Some Good Livingroom Color Ideas

Here are some livingroom color ideas for you. For the first idea, choose a new neutral color. If you hesitate to leave those four white walls and monochromatic furnishings behind, consider a new neutral. Stone gray remains a popular choice and complements natural features such as brick facing, stone walls, dark hardwood floors and exposed ceiling beams. For a warmer effect, consider rosy gray which has a warmer feeling that can combine with a shabby chic palette of antique white and icy pastels or go more rustic when paired with weathered gray wood and terra-cotta tile. Sunny yellow translates well to many decorating schemes. Pair it with white for a Scandinavian modern feeling, blond wood for a mid-century modern aesthetic or soft poppy seed black for a French country effect. Faded earth tones lend a living room a tranquil feeling. Accent them with sage green upholstery for a Japanese farmhouse look or ruddy red on furniture frames and floor tile for Mexican hacienda style.

bold livingroom color ideasBold Livingroom Color Ideas

Love bright color? then go for these living room color ideas; bohemian bright. For people willing to venture toward brighter and bolder living room color schemes, consider the bohemian color trend. Multiple layers of colors may cover walls, or strips of vintage wallpaper may peek through to show previous decorating schemes. You can create a bohemian modern effect by painting walls a deep Mediterranean blue or green and letting them dry. Then paint them another color, such as periwinkle, antique white, dark gray or burgundy. Allow the paint to dry and then use sandpaper or steel wool to scrape away at the paint in various spots, allowing underlying colors to show through. For a less moody and more funky approach, paint walls saturated hues, such as sunny yellow or periwinkle and add bright accents such as mango orange throw pillows, a fuchsia chandelier or a brilliant floral armchair.

lovely livingroom color ideasLovely Livingroom Color Ideas

dramatic livingroom color ideasDramatic Livingroom Color Ideas

International decor includes several dramatic color schemes ideal for living rooms. The Indian combination of saffron and tamarind has an earthy quality or go brighter with the purples, pinks, blues and gold stamping inspired by Indian saris. The Moroccan look features a classic pairing of turquoise and cream, ideal for a couch and armchair combination or as tile on a coffee table. Go south of the border with a Mexican colonial palette of white and cream accented with cobalt blue, yellow and orange. Well, these were some livingroom color ideas for you. For another ideas, you can surf it in the internet and maybe some magazine. After all, adding gorgeous living room colors doesn’t have to be as difficult as it seems, you just need to have the know-how on to do it with the proper way and choose the best color.

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