Inexpensive House Decorating Ideas

Money is tight, but that doesn’t mean our homes need to be dreary. A house should be a sanctuary, and as such, it should be decorated to reflect not only your particular tastes, but decorated in such a way that it makes guests and residents feel comfortable, safe and welcomed. Well, you don’t have to be sad, because there are tons of inexpensive house decorating ideas for you. With these inexpensive house decorating ideas, you can not only save money, but get free expert advice and discover stylish additions to your decor at tremendous savings over what less informed people spent.

House Decorating IdeasĀ  On a Budget

Here’s the first cheap house decorating ideas for you. Paint is the most popular and dramatic way to decorate your home for cheap. It is amazing how different a room will look after it’s been painted. Decorate simply by giving your drab white walls a nice coat in a neutral color, or go all out and paint some interesting stripes or other designs on your walls. Add some architectural details as well. Pre-painted and cut molding is very inexpensive and easy to hang. Finish off your paint job with a chair rail or some ceiling molding. Install molding around windows and bedroom doors to really make them stand out. Finally, don’t forget spray paint. You can paint almost anything. An ugly, cheap vase found at a garage sale will look very different after it’s been spray painted a glossy, modern black. Fake brass photo frames look much different when spray painted a crisp, clean white color.

awesome house decorating ideasAwesome House Decorating Ideas

Or you can buy a fabric with a print that matches your room theme and wrap it tightly around a blank artist’s canvas. Make sure the front is smooth as you staple the edges in the back. Achieve a similar effect by covering a canvas with wallpaper of your choice. Make your work of art the focal point of any room, or use it to cover a wall defect. Use a large canvas for greater impact, or hang a group of small canvases together. You can also use glass vases. Fill a large glass vase with decorative items such as colorful marbles and balls. You can also put a small or votive candle in small- or medium-sized vases that are half-filled with sand or small pebbles. Place the vases on top of a table or a bookshelf, or on the floor if the vases are tall.

Then, another inexpensive house decorating ideas; go for the plants. Houseplants can be acquired for free, quite often, from friends and family. Department stores and drugstores often sell dying house plants at a deep discount because their staff members can’t dedicate the time and attention to bringing them back to life. Let everyone know that you are looking for houseplants, and you may end up with more than you bargained for. Not only do they add color and life to a room, but they also become more of a presence each year.

wall deco house decorating ideasWall Deco House Decorating Ideas

stripes paint house decorating ideas

Stripes Paint House Decorating Ideas

fabrics house decorating ideas

Fabrics House Decorating Ideas

houseplants house decorating ideas

Houseplants House Decorating Ideas

Finally, rugs would be your next other house decorating ideas for cheap. Accent rugs add color and life to any room. Choose designs and colors that match your room decor. If your room has a modern style, rugs with bold geometric patterns and vivid colors would be a nice complement. For a traditional-style room, rugs with intricate prints would be a good fit. These just a few inexpensive house decorating ideas for you. You can also do some DIY project to decorating your house. After all, cheap decorating ideas are all around you. You just have to use a bit of imagination and creativity. What’s most important is that you’re willing to experiment and have fun.

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