Impressive Cool Basement Ideas

If you are lucky enough to have a basement in your home, it might be time to utilize that space. Remodeling the basement can add significant living space to your home. Whether your basement is finished or not, there are lots of cool basement ideas to make your basement something special. There are several options for turning a plain basement into a vibrant, fun room that your family enjoys spending time in or a functional space that meets important household needs. Think creatively and you may be surprised at how much more use you can get out of your basement. And below are some cool basement ideas for a few help. Take a look!

awesome cool basement ideasAwesome Cool Basement Ideas

Change The Look of Your Basement with These Impressive Cool basement ideas

For a family that enjoys weekly game nights, turning your plain basement into a game room may be an ideal option. This is the first cool basement ideas that quite common for basement. Because a basement typically features a large open space, you likely have room for a pool, football or ping pong table. If space allows, a pinball machine makes a fun addition to a corner as well. Install shelves where you can store board games and add a table and chair set where you can play with guests. Your kids may also appreciate a television set with a video game system.

play room cool basement ideasPlay Room Cool Basement Ideas

The naturally dark and cozy atmosphere of an underground basement makes a home theater one of the most popular and cool basement ideas. A home theater should be comfortable, so warm up the room with a thickly padded, cushiony carpet or a welcoming area rug. The walls will need to be well-insulated to create sound-proofing and enhance the audio quality of your sound system. How about an old-fashioned, velvet red curtain, which can be pulled back to reveal the movie screen just like the old days? And, of course, a nostalgic popcorn machine is a must to complete the room.

If your kids share a room and are starting to protest, consider turning the basement into an additional bedroom for your teen. Paint the walls a soft, soothing shade like blue, green or purple and add carpeting to the floor to create a warmer feel for the space. You can use your teen’s existing bedroom furniture and allow her to add her own decorating touches to personalize the space. Even if you do not need an extra bedroom for kids, you can turn your basement into a guestroom. To make the space more convenient, create a guest suite by adding a small bathroom and shower.

cool basement ideas home theaterCool Basement Ideas Home Theater

cool basement ideas with bar

Cool Basement Ideas With Bar

If you’re in favor of something a little more grown up, consider creating a bar. You can set up a bar with all the supplies you need for your favorite types of drinks. To create a more social space, be sure that you have plenty of comfortable seating. You can even put in a pool table or a dart board. Then, another cool basement ideas; turn into the gym room. An exercise room can help you stay fit year-round. Set this up with cardio equipment and weights. Wall mirrors enable you to watch yourself while you exercise, ensuring that you’re following proper form. Make a space for stretching and floor work–this should be soft, like a padded cushion.

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