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Windows allow sunlight into your home, beautify your home and provide you with the ability to see what is going on outside your home. Whether you’re building a new home or you’re tired of feeling drafts around the windows in your current home, there are a lot of house window design that go into purchasing new window. Far from just glass in the wall, window design come in many options. However, your choice in window design must ideally be integrated seamlessly into the surrounding style of the house and the thematic presentation of the room in which they are situated.

House Window Design Ideas

There are several ideas in window design. Each comes with a set of pros and cons so it will be important for homeowners to examine the ideas available and make the most appropriate choice. Bay window usually consist of three large sections of glass that create a three-dimensional shape that pops outwards in a convex manner away from the walls of the house. These types of windows create a slight alcove of extra space in a room or a window seat.

awning window designAwning Window Design

Awning windows are beautiful. The window design allows for a light breeze and light. These windows are perfect in bedrooms where privacy is a premium while maintaining light and air flow. These windows can be situated next to each other, up and down and even above patio or sliding doors to an effect of light and air. The major disadvantage is that the screens to the windows are set on the inside. All the dirt that normally falls into the window sill area will fall onto the floor. Some might think of this as a con however I would rather vacuum it up on a regular basis then have to deal with the nasty window sill debris. Then, if you are interested in windows that open outward casement windows are good options. They allow a side breeze to enter along with fresh air. Casement windows open with a crank handle and work well in areas that homeowners would need to reach to open the window. The one concern in casement windows is rusty hardware. It is important that the hardware is oiled and kept up on to prevent rusting.

If you are looking for easy to clean, super accessible windows double hung windows are a perfect option. They offer ventilation from either the top part of the window or the bottom depending on the homeowners desires. This is great for a children’s bedroom where it is advisable that windows are never left open for a child to be able to access. They could push the screen out which could cause them to fall out of the window. The major disadvantage is that over time they tend to leak more air than others. The other thing is that only half of the window opens at a time where as others can open up completely. Another idea is skylight window. Skylights sometimes bear the name “roof windows” and are exactly that: sturdy glass or clear plastic installed in domes, pyramids, ridged, vaulted or flat panes in the ceiling of your home. This type of window will allow you to take advantage of natural lighting like never before as you’ll have it streaming in your home from all angles. Skylighting allows you sensory and visual pleasures of watching rain fall upon your skylights as well as seeing clouds pass overhead while you’re still inside.

bay window designBay Window Design

casement window design

Casement Window Design

double hung window design

Double Hung Window Design

skylight window design

Skylight Window Design

ultimate roof window design

Ultimate Roof Window Design

Finally, windows can really enhance the look of a new home as do replacement windows in an older home. Windows are a fantastic way of allowing sunlight to in but the window design you select is key. These above design ideas are just a few part of plenty window design that available for homes. You can surf for another design in the internet and choose according your taste and needs.

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