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Hallmarks of rustic interior design are natural materials such as stone and wood, and comfortable furnishings. Rustic interior design is equally at home in a cabin, farmhouse or cottage. Rustic interior design also can create a warm and welcoming feel in any home. A rustic home interior design is made up of treasures that show a connection with a different time and place. You can build your look over time, but begin setting the stage with some essentials.

 House Rustic Interior Design Ideas

For all those who want your home to be a simple, natural and elegant look to your house, rustic interior design is the answer. Select colors that are found in nature to create the backdrop for a rustic setting in your home. Color choices to consider include slate blue, forest green, sage, sunny yellow, maroon and warm brown. Think of the colors that you would see in the forest and use these colors to create a warm atmosphere in your home. Incorporate these hues through paint, textiles and decorative accents. For example, paint the walls sage and hang slate blue curtains against them.

great rustic interior designGreat Rustic Interior Design

Then, rustic interior design typically incorporates architectural details to recreate the look of nature indoors. Install aged beams along the ceiling of the space to simulate exposed beams. Hang wood wainscoting on the lower portion of the walls, or on an entire wall to create a paneling effect. If there is a fireplace in the room, cover the surround with slate or river rocks. Furnish the space with a hodge-podge of casual furnishings. Pieces that are made out of knotty pine or natural wood logs are well suited for this space — a pine dresser and a bed frame constructed of wooden logs, for example. Transform unexpected elements into furniture pieces; for instance, add legs to the bottom of an old barn door to create a coffee or dining table. For upholstered pieces, opt for leather, suede or brushed cotton; an overstuffed leather sofa flanked with suede armchairs creates a comfortable seating area in a living room.

warm rustic interior design

Warm Rustic Interior Design

cabin rustic interior design

Cabin Rustic Interior Design

room rustic interior design

Room Rustic Interior Design

awesome rustic interior design

Awesome Rustic Interior Design

For the decoration in rustic interior design, find inspiration from nature, or use actual elements from the natural world. Display pictures of landscapes in wooden frames. Fill glass bowls with pinecones and set them out on tabletops. Place a pillar candle on a wooden serving tray and surround it with pebbles for a centerpiece. Illuminate the space with wrought iron lamps and wall sconces. Drape flannel throw blankets across the back of sofas, chairs and on the ends of beds. Cover the floors with braided area rugs. Finally, if you are a true nature lover and you always wanted a house like this, then, it is time for you to bring your dream to life. You can create a rustic look without having to spend exorbitant amounts of money by just using your imagination and creativity. If you are convinced that rustic interior design is a unique mixture of convenience and class, get going to make it a reality.

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