House Ceiling Lighting Ideas

Installing the proper amount and type of lighting in the ceilings makes your home functional without feeling like a cave or like you’re constantly under a spotlight. Ceiling lighting is one of the most common lighting fixtures for the house. There are also so many ceiling lighting ideas that available for your house. Ceiling lighting in a room brings both illumination and character to a space; although light fixtures address practical needs, for a light fixture to fit into a room completely, it must also match the motif in the room. Fortunately, many different types of ceiling lights exist on the market, making the job of finding the right light for your needs an easier process. Below are some ceiling lighting ideas for your house.

Ceiling Lighting Ideas for The Homes

Here are several ceiling lighting ideas for you. Low profile fixtures that mount directly against the ceiling are easy to install and maintain. Before mounting new fixtures, take time to familiarize yourself with the bulb removal and replacement process. Choose fixtures that make it as easy as possible without completely sacrificing style. Single bulb flush mount fixtures work well in small areas like utility rooms, hallways and closets. Choose fixtures that are simple to service with finishes and globes that match the existing hardware and style. Multiple-bulb flush mount fixtures can illuminate larger areas and work well in low ceilinged living and dining rooms. Use long life or compact fluorescent bulbs in these fixtures to avoid frequently removing the heavy glass globes. Flush mounted or hanging fluorescent tube fixtures are typically reserved for utility spaces such as garages, attics and basements where the need for illumination outweighs aesthetic concerns. Fluorescent tubes can last for years and provide a lot of light for very little cost.

elegant ceiling lighting ideas

Elegant Ceiling Lighting Ideas

When choosing hanging fixtures, scale is an important consideration. Choose fixtures that are large enough to make sense in your space, but not so large as to be overpowering or to feel pretentious. Chandeliers work well in areas with high ceilings and open spaces such as entry ways, dining rooms and living rooms with vaulted ceilings. Be sure that chandeliers are hung securely as they are typically heavy. Pendant lights are small, low voltage fixtures that typically hang from their own wiring. Pendants are designed for areas where subtle, focused light is needed. Hang them over kitchen islands or along hallways. Due to the low voltage, pendant lights are best combined with other fixtures for adequate light.

Ceiling fans are controversial. Many decorators hate them, but in warm climates they can be almost indispensable. Light kits for ceiling fans can be purchased in many different styles and can even be added to most fans that do not have lights. They are typically best suited to living areas and bedrooms.

pendant ceiling lighting ideas

Pendant Ceiling Lighting Ideas

adorable ceiling lighting ideas

Adorable Ceiling Lighting Ideas

amazing ceiling lighting ideas

Amazing Ceiling Lighting Ideas

Recessed lighting casts a more indirect light, allowing the effect of the light and not the fixture itself to make a statement. Use spot light bulbs in them for focused beams and flood bulbs, with their wider beam and softer focus, for more general illumination. Track lighting is a little more obvious, but provides a similar type of light. Track lights are more flexible than recessed lighting, with a wider range of focus, and can be used to highlight art or architectural features such as columns and fireplaces. Indirect lighting reflected off of the ceiling from sconces and hidden fixtures creates a softer glow than direct lighting. Some indirect lighting is even beginning to incorporate color in the form of new LED fixtures that can even change colors to set the mood. These were some ceiling lighting ideas. There are literally many ceiling lighting ideas that available. Specialty fixtures that put light where you need it can be a useful addition to your decorating scheme and needs.

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