Home Bar Decoration

Adding a bar to your home can make it the new hot spot to hang out among your friends and family. You can also easily create the right kind of party atmosphere to fit your own personal style in the bar room of your home. Choose home bar decoration that work with your entertaining style and complement your existing home decor. And you can create these decorations for your home bar with materials from your local craft and home improvement stores; also check with online retailers for discounts and a wider selection. For a new inspiration, let us take a look at some home bar decoration ideas below.

Home Bar Decoration Ideas

Here are some home bar decoration ideas that great for your home; An Hawaiian-themed bar will always give you the feeling of a tropical, sunny day on the beach. Buy grass skirts in natural or green shades, and tape them to the bottom of the bar counter. Post tiki torches at the corners of your bar (if your bar is indoors, it’s probably best not to light them unless they’re designed to be lit inside). Fill a large bowl with a pineapple and some coconuts. Buy paper umbrellas to garnish drinks, and keep a stash of leis around for when you have guests. Some good bottles to have on hand at a Hawaiian bar are a variety of rums like Captain Morgan Spiced Rum and Parrot Bay Lime Bite.

modern home bar decoration

Modern Home Bar Decoration

Smoking in bars is becoming more difficult these days. If you enjoy a good cigar with friends from time to time, maybe a cigar bar is the way to go. When designing a cigar bar, dark colors, like maroons and brown and black leather, come to mind. Buy leather bar stools. Use suede coasters in rich hues like gold and brown. Have all the cigar accessories like a humidor, cutters and ashtray. Keep a few cigar boxes on the bar to hold bar tools like a wine opener and stoppers and cigars, of course. Stock up on bottles with rich, aromatic flavors and complex palates like Johnnie Walker Scotch whiskey and Glenfiddich malt whiskey. Also, offer bottles or cans of Guinness.

Another home bar decoration ideas is go for sport bar. If you love to watch the game on television, create your own at-home sports bar. Get yourself a plasma television, and mount it behind your home bar. At party and alcohol supply stores, buy neon beer signs or posters from your favorite breweries. Stock a variety of beers like Miller Lite, Budweiser, Corona, Rolling Rock and Heineken. It can’t hurt to have a few microbrewed beers as well. Decorate the room with other sports memorabilia like your college’s football pendant, your old baseball jersey or photos from games you’ve attended. Has your local team won a big game? Take the front-page newspaper article, and frame it. Twenty years down the road, you’ll be glad you did.

small home bar decoration

Small Home Bar Decoration

chic home bar decoration

Chic Home Bar Decoration

Create a showpiece on top of your home bar with a mosaic design you can easily make yourself. To make a mosaic pattern, draw a design on top of the bar. If you’re not artistically inclined, you can use a template to trace the outline of any design you like directly onto the wooden top. Make notes of the colors in each of the sections before you begin tiling. You can find mosaic tiles at a craft store or from online retailers. Weldbond is a good choice of adhesive to tile your indoor home bar; use thinset to tile an outdoor bar. Fill in your design with tiles, leaving about an eighth of an inch between each tile. After the adhesive dries, you can grout the surface with colored grout to enhance the image. Make sure to clean the grout residue from the bar tiles before it dries. These were some home bar decoration ideas for you. After all, the home bar room can have the look of a fraternity keg party or it can be an elegant wine-tasting room. It’s where you can make a statement and have some fun.

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