Good Small Bathroom Renovation Ideas

Renovating a bathroom can be a pleasing experience. Bathroom renovations can be fun and exciting but challenging as well especially if you have small bathrooms. The end result these renovations for small bathroom can create a much more homely feel even seem bigger than before, which is why many people look for small bathroom renovation ideas. If you are one of those who looking for small bathroom renovation ideas, then mentioned below are only given for you. Try to incorporate these small bathroom renovation ideas and you will see how much space you will have after all.

cool small bathroom renovation ideas

Cool Small Bathroom Renovation Ideas

Small Bathroom Renovation Ideas For You

When you think of small bathroom renovation ideas, try to remove unnecessary fixtures that you can easily do without. By simply clearing your way from the clutter, you can make more room for your other things that are more important in the room. Instead of free-standing cabinets, hanging cabinets and those attached to the countertop and sinks are ideal space savers. You can also evaluate the size of your furniture. If you can downsize your vanity kits, it will be better for you as it will save you more space and you can still use the appliance the best way. For the wall, paint your walls in a light colour using a modest pattern. This tends to make the small bathroom look bigger than if you were to use a solid colour. The pattern can be achieved by using wall paper that is patterned or using a faux finish. Ensure that the background is very light with the patterns being only a little darker.

great small bathroom renovation ideas

Great Small Bathroom Renovation Ideas

Light coloured flooring will definitely help you to achieve you goal. As a result, if you plan on using ceramic tiles, go for those which are medium in size for example around 6 – 8 inches that has a simple pattern and of course a light shade as smaller tiles can help to make the room seem small. If your budget cannot cover you changing your flooring, you could use a large light coloured area rug to cover up your dark flooring if this is your case. For the lighting, lighting fixtures can have a huge impact on how big your bathroom appears. It is therefore best for you to use skylights which will provide a nice wide natural light to the entire room. Also consider removing your bathroom window curtains and replacing them with simple window valence that makes the windows visible. For a brighter and more natural light use only CFL bulbs, these are also very energy efficient and so will also help to lower your energy bill. You may want to avoid fixtures that protrude out into the room and just use recessed lighting.

Another small bathroom renovation ideas, consider installing walk in baths as part of your renovation. Also known as handicap tubs, walk in bathtubs are great in optimizing space of small bathrooms. They take up less room, with the longest side of the tub measuring five feet or shorter, but still allow a full-grown man to submerge his whole body in the water. Walk in baths are normally situated on a pedestal-the bottom of the tub is placed inside the pedestal all the way through the floor. This allows the bathers to enter and exit the walk in tubs with ease while still giving the impression that you are entering a Jacuzzi. What makes a walk in bath disabled-friendly is the hinged door with a lock. Bathers enter and exit the tub through the door.

walk in bath small bathroom renovation ideasWalk In Bath Small Bathroom Renovation Ideas

This ease of entry and exit lessens the probability of falling or slipping in the tub. You just need to have lots of patience to use this tub because you must be inside the tub before filling it with water. Opening the door will cause the water to spill. The same is true after bathing. It is a fact that the bathroom is one of the most neglected parts of the house. But since it is very useful, you need to pay attention to it when you are next renovating it, even though you have small bathroom. Take these ideas to maximize your small bathroom.

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