Good Feng Shui Plants for Your Home

One of the best ways to create balanced, positive feng shui in your living space is to use feng shui plants to create positive energy. Although most all plants create positive energy for your household, there are some that clearly stand out as fine selections for generating vibrant, renewing, comfortable energy.  In this article, we will give you some examples of feng shui plants.

Feng Shui Plants for Your Home

Here are several examples of feng shui plants. Jade (Crassula Ovata) – this plant is wonderful for creating abundance and prosperity. You can use this plant near your front door (your career area) to invite abundance-producing energy into your home. You can also use this plant in your “fame” area at the rear of your home, as well as the “wealth and p[prosperity” area at the left rear section of your home, to help provide opportunities for notoriety, publicity, and personal wealth. Then, peony (Paeonia) – this flower symbolizes love and affection. If you have adequate sunlight, you can plant this flower in the right rear corner of your home (the “love and relationships” area) to promote harmonious family relationships. This is also a good choice for planting in or near the “creativity and children” section, in the central right part of your home, to help foster acceptance and approval of a child’s creative endeavors.

jade feng shui plants

Jade Feng Shui Plants

Chrysanthemum – this flower is associated with ease of life, happiness, and joy. Yellow chrysanthemums are particularly good for creating joyful energy around your home. This is a fantastic choice for the “love and relationships” area located at the rear right corner of your home. Another feng shui plants is narcissus – this flowering bulb represents good fortune. This is another good flower to place at the front of your home, to attract abundance and good career opportunities.

Money Plant (Philodendron Scandens) – a wonderful plant for shaded areas. Make sure you keep the leaves trimmed so they do not become too large. This is ordinarily placed at the front of the home; however, if the front of your home is very sunny, you may want to skip this plant, because not having a money plant at all is better than having a money plant with dead leaves.

money feng shui plants

Money Feng Shui Plants

peony feng shui plants

Peony Feng Shui Plants

house feng shui plants

House Feng Shui Plants

Lillies – these flowers help promote positive energy and good feng shui throughout the year. They also grow easily in just about any kind of soil, so they are a low-maintenance flower that you can count on year after year. These were some example of feng shui plants. For a few advice, take care of the feng shui plants so they thrive and immediately remove any that show signs of death. Wilting plants create negative energy. If you live in an apartment, or have no windows in the room you want to energize with plants, purchase plants that can survive on artificial light. While not as desirable as live plants, silk plants can also energize, harmonize and beautify your living space. Pot live feng shui plants in containers made of earthenware, cast iron or wood. Too much artificial material in the home creates negative chi. After all, all feng shui plants symbolize new growth, vitality and vibrant life, naturally providing the energy for success and opportunities. See where you can apply these powerful living plant cures to your needy areas and enjoy the results!

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