Fresh Ceiling Paint Color Ideas

The ceiling is not a place to get radical with a color choice. That said, if you are going with some powerful colors on your walls, the ceiling is a place that can add a bit of fresh air. While white may seem like the most sensible choice for a ceiling color, there are other ceiling paint color ideas that may help you achieve a desired feel within your home. Choosing a color for your ceilings not only gives your rooms a little extra fresh flair, depending on the color you choose, but the right ceiling color can also give your room the illusion of being larger or, alternatively, more intimate. For options, here are some ceiling paint color ideas that might one of them become your favorite color.

Ceiling Paint Color Ideas to Add a Spacious Feel for The Home

One excellent ceiling paint color ideas for your ceiling is sky blue. It’s a natural choice as we automatically equate the ceiling with the sky. Use a dark blue shade with lighter colored walls to make the room look cozy. To open the space and make it appear brighter, paint the ceiling blue in a shade lighter than the walls. Blue is a calming color. Try painting the ceiling in a bathroom or bedroom blue, where you will spend time looking at the ceiling while relaxing in a tub or in bed. For other rooms, to keep a blue ceiling from being too sedating, paint the walls a complementary color such as yellow or orange for a dramatic, energizing effect. Use beige or white for the walls for a more formal look to the room with a light blue ceiling.

blue ceiling paint color ideasBlue Ceiling Paint Color Ideas

Butter yellow imparts a warm feeling in a room, especially in a kitchen and living room. It’s an ideal color to complement a French Country or shabby chic decor style. If you choose this color for your ceiling, keep wall colors in neutral cream colors. Alternatively, gray blue is a great accent wall color to choose for a yellow ceiling.

A red ceiling acts as an accent wall, if the walls are neutral in color. Only use a bold color, like red, if you have a lighting fixture you want to draw attention to, such as a chandelier. This is a good option for small rooms without a focal point against a wall, such as an entry hall. Incorporate the ceiling color into the accents of the room. For instance, have a bowl of red apples on a table. You do not have to use red as the ceiling color to make it an accent color. Any bold color will work for the ceiling accent color as long as it complements the other colors in the room. Be warned that using a dark, bold color on the ceiling will visually lower the ceiling and make the room appear shorter.

lovely ceiling paint color ideasLovely Ceiling Paint Color Ideas

red ceiling paint color ideas

Red Ceiling Paint Color Ideas

yellow ceiling paint color ideasYellow Ceiling Paint Color Ideas

These were some ceiling paint color ideas for you. With these ideas, hopefully you will get the most appealing ceiling for your home. You can also match the ceiling to the wall color for the simplest painting option. Doing so will save money because you will only need to purchase one color for the walls and ceiling of the room. If you want to separate the ceiling from the walls but still use the same color on both, install crown molding around the junction between the ceiling and walls. Paint the molding a contrasting color or a different shade than the walls and ceiling to separate it from the surrounding space. The molding breaks up the monochromatic paint scheme. After all, choosing a paint color for your ceiling is a good idea to make a diminutive room appear more spacious, make a large room feel cozy, or provide character to an otherwise uninspiring space.

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lovely ceiling paint color ideas , Fresh Ceiling Paint Color Ideas In  Category
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