Exotic Decoration for The Home

Exotic decoration for the home incorporates elements of world cultures as accessories or the main theme of interior design. Often, but not exclusively, exotic style is borrowed from equatorial cultures. But it can be European, Asian or tropical. Decorative elements in exotic decoration and a vivid color scheme combine to create a space that has the exotic feel of a far-off land. Each time you enter your exotic room in your home, you’ll feel as if you’ve stepped foot into a retreat in a lush suite in a mystical and intriguing land!

Fascinating Exotic Decoration for The Home

If you decide to decorate your home with exotic decoration, then you can begin by creating a vivid backdrop. Indian decor may feature saffron or mango walls and textiles in brilliant juxtapositions of fuchsia, poppy orange, turquoise, amethyst and jade. The Moroccan look centers on turquoise and white tiles and wood in dark tones. African decor may feature earth tones and animal prints, while Asian styles range from faded browns and greens to shiny black, white and red. Channel some French bohemian with mottled blues and greens, vintage wallpaper and gold accents. Tropical styles include forest green, bright orange, sunshine yellow, sky blue and red.

warm exotic decorationWarm Exotic Decoration

For the furniture, a few focal pieces of furniture can establish an exotic decoration for your home. In the living room, an ornately carved coffee table under a metal lantern with cutouts in the shade provides Moroccan artiness. A battered iron bed frame painted antique white and set under a mosquito net recalls a Balinese resort. A retro chaise lounge in red velvet channels British glam, or toss a black throw over it to go Gothic. A plain garden gets a Japanese makeover with the addition of a mediation altar, stone lanterns or a wooden gate. Wooden furniture with hammered tin panels, engraved trim, wrought-iron accents or other artisan details adds a rustic Mexican vibe.

stunning exotic decorationStunning Exotic Decoration

moroccan exotic decorationMoroccan Exotic Decoration

bathroom with exotic decorationBathroom With Exotic Decoration

great exotic decoration

Great Exotic Decoration

Finally, just don’t forget about the textiles. Exotic decoration textiles bring together form and function. Vintage saris embedded with small mirrors and beads serve as ornate window treatments, bedspreads or tablecloths. Hang a large weaving over a wall to function as an accent, adding color, dimension and texture to the room. A Tibetan rug adds a pop of color while a Japanese-inspired rattan or bamboo mat has a more subtle effect. If you have favorite swatches of fabric from your travels, these can serve as wall art. Use a gallery wrap canvas or a simple wooden frame as a base and wrap ironed fabric around it. Pull the surface taut and staple it in place along the backing. Hang complementary fabrics in groupings or a large one on its own. Exotic decoration for the home is warm and definitely good idea. Choose a style that is exotic, but that also speaks to your interests and adventures. Have fun decorating and do not be afraid to use accessories that you may otherwise shy away from in normal home decor.

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