Different Ideas of Room Ceiling Designs

A home element as seemingly simple as a ceiling takes great architect, design, and skill. Over the years, many different room ceiling designs have evolved and contributed to the distinctive appearances for the home. For any room in your home, there are several different ideas of room ceiling designs. With these design ideas, you can bring personality, it can help you to accentuate a plain room. You might also want to improve on something in a functional sense, like brightening up the room with room ceiling design ideas. Explore ideas of room ceiling designs to make your room stunning, even better than before.

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Awesome Room Ceiling Designs

Here are some different ideas of room ceiling designs for your home. The first idea is low relief ceiling. Low relief ceilings are those that have some structure, usually a patterned one, extending slightly from the ceiling’s surface toward the floor. The relief provides a break from the visual monotony of large blank spaces. Stucco is one means for imprinting thick, textural designs onto a ceiling to create low relief. Creating effects with stucco involves pressing a surface with a coarse or raised texture into the wet stucco. Sample surfaces include sponges, burlap and braided fabrics. Coffered ceilings are another ideas of relief design. One of the most famous examples is the Pantheon, built by the ancient Romans. Coffers usually take the appearance of picture frames whose borders are formed by fluted molding. The coffers are more eye catching and stately than other relief designs like stucco. Take this fact into account when you’re considering the net effect of the decor for the entire room below the ceiling.

coffered room ceiling designsCoffered Room Ceiling Designs

Flat, 2-D designs allow for a greater variety of ceiling ornamentation than using reliefs. An abstract painted pattern is one type of 2-D ceiling design. Abstract patterns can be stylized but still recognizable representations of familiar things, especially elements of nature like leaves and branches. Or the patterns can be completely abstract, having no overt connection with optical reality. Use completely abstract patterns unless you want to direct the attention of the room’s occupants to a particular subject. A tromp l’oeil design is a 2-D image disguised as a 3-D one. Ceiling designs that apply tromp l’oeil, which means “fool the eye” in French, include clouds, realistically painted trees or things you might see in other environments when looking up. These designs tend to be much harder to create because of the high level of detail that realistic illusion requires. They are therefore more expensive to produce.

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Another ideas; use the lights. Ceilings with lights integrated in their structure can produce a feeling of organic harmony and balance that’s lacking in ceilings without this integration. A simple type of ceiling design using this integration concept has circular openings for light fixtures. The light fixtures shouldn’t extend beyond the ceiling’s surface if you want the full effect of lighting integration. You can increase lighting integration by cutting a large circular or rectangular recession into the ceiling. Envision this as a second ceiling below the existing one and with a gap between it and the existing one. Remove most of the center of this lower ceiling by cutting a simple shape like a large rectangle or oval. Place the lights around the gap on top of the lower ceiling, just hidden from view. This provides a balanced, soft lighting scheme for the entire room. Finally, fresh ideas for a fresh new look. Now you have a few different ideas of room ceiling designs for livening up your room. You can use these ideas in any room you choose. You are limited only by your imagination when it comes to decorative design. Happy decorating!

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