Decorative Interior Wall Cladding

Looking for sophisticated good finish for your home? then try this one; interior wall cladding. Interior wall cladding is a non-structural covering installed over structural surfaces. Often, interior wall cladding is added to a building for a combination of reasons. Materials used for cladding include plastic, steel, wood, cement and stone. With using interior wall cladding, you can use it to improve any interior surface. Also, these interior wall cladding allow you to be creative and display your personal style. For the options, there are some options that you can choose from.

Adorable Decorative Interior Wall Cladding

Timber interior wall cladding could be one of the most popular among another materials of wall cladding. Timber wall cladding is a great way to create acoustical wall claddings. Whether you are building or remodeling a full-scale recording environment or just want to improve the sound of your home theatre system natural wood works great with sound waves. Using natural wood indoors is a great way to bring the feeling of nature into your home. The wood has warmth that plaster, dry wall, brick or concrete lack. With wood there are so many options. You could just leave it raw cut although this does create the risk of splinters. You could take the raw wood and sand it smooth still leaving the natural look and because it is indoors, it will not rot unless it is exposed to water from another source. A popular finishing method is to stain the wood. This allows for a variety of looks. You can have the wood grain of any type of tree with the color of any other type of tree. An example would be white pine board with a dark walnut stain. These types of combinations are endless. By staining only, there is still a flat non-reflective surface. If you are looking for shine, brightness or sparkle then there are 3 choices, oil, varnish, or lacquer. With oil you would leave the timber wall cladding unstained and rub in several coats of linseed oil or tung oil into the wood. Then when the wood started to dull you could repeat this process. With varnish or lacquer, you could use stain or not, then you would add the varnish in several coats drying in-between.

awesome interior wall claddingAwesome Interior Wall Cladding

Then, the next option is stone wall cladding.  Targeting the most natural look possible, manufacturers of stone wall cladding have made it possible for anyone to enjoy the magnificent beauty that only stone can provide. Lining the wall in a game room or basement can bring the feeling of the outdoors in without feeling like you have cheap wall covering. Imagine a wine cellar lined with granite with hints of sparkle. It will look just like the walls of a cellar that was specifically used for wines, canned goods and storage. Stairways and kitchen islands are other areas where stone wall cladding is growing more popular that provides a natural feel to a home. Counter tops can also be designed from marble or quartz to make your kitchen really shine. Different natural types of stone are available in many different natural colors. If you are working on a particular project and the walls are not exactly straight, no problem. Stonewall cladding can be cut to size and molded at the factory to accommodate architectural problems and edging. It can also cover unsightly areas without having to tear down walls.

wood interior wall cladding ideasWood Interior Wall Cladding Ideas

nature interior wall cladding ideasNature Interior Wall Cladding Ideas

amazing interior wall cladding

Amazing Interior Wall Cladding

stone interior wall cladding

Stone Interior Wall Cladding

Then, another options of decorative interior wall cladding is fabric wall cladding. Installing a fabric wall cladding makes your room look soft and contemporary, and because they are inexpensive and easy to make, you can change the fabric on the claddings whenever you want to change your room’s decor. You can have fabric claddings made for you, but it is easy to create unique fabric wall claddings by purchasing the desired fabric and foam insulation boards. Cut the fabric so that it fits around each board. Wrap the fabric around and staple it to the board and attach it to the wall. Fabric claddings allow you to be creative and express your personal style. These above are some options of decorative interior wall cladding for your home. Well, decorative interior wall cladding is used to enhance the interior of a building. It can be used on existing decorated surfaces or un-decorated surfaces. All in all, interior wall cladding is great for your interior, hygienic, cost effective and gives a good finish.

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