Decorating Your Home with Bohemian Style

Bohemian style evokes images of artists, gypsies, travelers, and hippies. The Bohemian style serves as an inexpensive expression of individuality with a diverse blend of contrasting design styles and accessories. Based on the Eastern European traveler gypsy aesthetic, Bohemian styles allows for a broad array of choices for colors and accents. Decorating your house in Bohemian style allows for your own personal style and aesthetic to show through. The rules of Bohemian is that there are none. If you want to make your house into Bohemian style, think outside of normal, or outside of the box.

Adorable Bohemian Style for The Homes

A very important feature of the Bohemian style is the mixture of old and new. Find ways to combine vintage and modern materials to create a bohemian look. For instance, cover a vintage table with ultramodern place mats or pair a sleek, modern chair with an antique, well-worn desk. Place a figured lamp with fringe and crystals on a tubular steel end table. Creatively fill the space with these mismatched pairings to achieve the look you seek.

 pretty bohemian style room

Pretty Bohemian Style Room

Handmade products have a place in bohemian style. Essentially, this is a design mentality inspired by artistic people. Therefore, it only makes sense to include objects handmade by artists and artisans in the space. Handwoven rugs or fabrics, original art or simple objects that you repurposed yourself all make good additions to a bohemian-styled home.

Current design gurus advocate getting rid of clutter for a “clean” look. Bohemian decorators take the opposite stance. Forget the idea that “less is more;” if you want to establish a bohemian look, “more is more.” A true “boho” interior should look busy, full and almost overflowing. Art, fabrics, pillows, books, furniture and a variety of objects should be used to fill the space as much as possible. For example, pile several pillows and throws of different fabrics and styles on sofas and chairs, cover the walls with paintings, mirrors, wall hangings and small shelves filled with curios and place several different area rugs on the floor.

 funky bohemian style home

 Funky Bohemian Style Home

amazing bohemian style house

 Amazing Bohemian Style House

bohemian style house

Bohemian Style House

Use soft, colored lighting to make a Bohemian space come alive. Hanging Moroccan-style lanterns with colored glass are often featured in Bohemian spaces. At least one fixture should provide an amber-tinted light; experiment with other colors, such as a soft pink. Use stained-glass lampshades to add colored light. Choose an eclectic mix of lighting fixture styles, from wrought-iron sconces, to chandeliers, to tabletop figured lamps. One thing about the Bohemian style that makes it so popular is that you do not have to change your personal style. So include pictures of family and friends or your favorite movie poster. True Bohemian style for the homes should reflect your life in its entirety.

amazing bohemian style house , Decorating Your Home with Bohemian Style In  Category
bohemian style house , Decorating Your Home with Bohemian Style In  Category
funky bohemian style home , Decorating Your Home with Bohemian Style In  Category
pretty bohemian style , Decorating Your Home with Bohemian Style In  Category

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