Country Style Interior Design

Country style interior design captures the sense of ease found in a rural setting. Country style interior design is one of the most popular and enjoyable methods of interior design. This can provide your home with a country feel, characterized by a casual and cosy ambiance. Country style interior design can add simplicity to your overall home decor. It shuns the formal style of classic designs, in favour of a more comfortable and lived-in look. It is also casually elegant, usually complimented by sturdy and practical furniture, colourful textiles, and functional accents.

Country Style Interior Design Ideas

Country Home online suggests that country style interior design furniture is practical with simple lines and possibly a history. Older pieces with worn, painted surfaces, functioning but rustic hardware and handmade detailing (like punched tin cupboard doors) are ideal for evoking the country feel. Many older pieces of furniture have a milk paint glaze finish, which fades over time, revealing some of the wood’s character underneath. If you have a new piece that you want to blend with your vintage or antique pieces, consider painting your piece with an aged, crackle finish or milk paint glaze. Finishes like these can be purchased at local home remodeling stores and applied to just about any prepared surface.

modern country style interior

Modern Country Style Interior

There is no doubt that feminine, delicate floral prints in a variety of happy colors say country design. However, Country Home and suggest that plaids, stripes and bright solids can find a place in modern country interpretations. A contemporary “Americana” country-styled home featured in Country Home blends neutral gray, blue and natural wood tones against shiny black painted accents and accessories for interest. Red and white, other popular country accent colors, can be added in striped or bold solid fabrics to modernize your country style. Martha Stewart suggests that mixing plaid and floral patterns with similar cheery colors will create the quintessential country room. Don’t forget the standard grandmother’s quilt, an important addition to any country-themed room. Handcrafted from fabrics or yarns, quilts can be hung like artwork on walls or thrown over the back of a chair for cuddling on a cool day.

french country style interior

French Country Style Interior

pretty french country style interior

Pretty French Country Style Interior

stunning english country style interior

Stunning English Country Style Interior

traditional english country style interior

Traditional English Country Style Interior

Wood, metal and natural fibers are all components of accessories for country style interior design. Reed, bark or grass baskets are a vital component, used for informal storage and for their understated texture. Antique wooden toys and kitchen tools continue to captivate the country designer. Country Home shows how a simple child’s jump rope can be used as a chair cushion tie substitute for country detailing. Flea markets carry old wooden or tin signs, toys, kitchen gadgets and other curiosities that can be displayed on the wall or shelves or tucked away in a corner. Filling a room with vintage, well-loved items imparts a feeling of comfort and belonging. Finally, Country style interior design is all about creating a relaxed and comfortable feel to your home. So, use these design ideas can be your option to enhance your home’s interior.

french country style interior , Country Style Interior Design In  Category
modern country style interior , Country Style Interior Design In  Category
pretty french country style interior , Country Style Interior Design In  Category
stunning english country style interior , Country Style Interior Design In  Category
traditional english country style interior , Country Style Interior Design In  Category

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