Clean and Protect Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors can be very aesthetically pleasing for many homeowners. Hardwood floors are so far marked to be one of such ingredients in the house that increases the personality stand of the house. Moreover, wood floors are easy to sweep and give a home a more rustic feel than carpeting. However, they will need some specialized clean and protection to remain beautiful and to keep from showing wear and tear. There are many certain sections and features that have to be kept in mind for saving the hardwood floors and keep them as protective and fresh as they were in the beginning. Below are some tips to clean and protect hardwood floors. Keep reading…

Cleaning and Protect Hardwood floors

Here are some tips to clean and protect hardwood floors; Dirt and grit are your floor’s worst enemies. When left on the floor and then walked upon, they act like sandpaper in removing the floor’s finish and shine. Trap the majority of the dirt and grit by thoroughly wiping your shoes before entering the home. Place additional mats or carpet runners inside each entryway to catch any residual dirt from your shoes. If possible, remove your shoes completely. Certain types of shoes, high heels especially, are particularly bad for hardwood floors. Consider wearing soft-soled shoes or slippers only inside your home. Fido’s feet are important too. Keep animal nails trimmed and be sure all pets’ feet are free from dirt and debris when they enter the home. Water and sun are equally damaging to wood floors as they can warp and fade the wood. Wipe up all spills immediately and never mop your floor with a traditional wet mop. Keep curtains closed during the hours your home is exposed to direct sunlight. Finally, to prevent damage from furniture, place felt tips on the legs of chairs that are moved frequently and always use slides or coasters when moving heavy pieces of furniture that cannot be lifted completely off of the floor.

care clean protect hardwood floorsCare Clean Protect Hardwood Floors

Then, another tips is to dry sweeping. Dry sweeping is your daily defense in keeping your hardwood floors looking their best. Use a high-quality, soft brush or broom to remove dirt and debris from the surface of the floor before it has a chance to be ground into cracks and crevices. Dry sweep floors once each day and whenever obvious dirt appears on the floor.

Water is very damaging to hardwood floors so do not use traditional wet mop methods for cleaning. A dust mop or disposable electrostatic floor cloth is perfect for keeping pet hair and dust out of the crevices in your floor. Do this kind of dry mopping twice per week. For increased shine, spray a no-wax cleaner on a cloth mop and spread evenly over the surface of your hardwood floor. Under no circumstances should you use ammonia or wax-based cleaners, bleach, polish, oil soaps, or other harsh detergents on your delicate hardwood floors.

Then the next tips is vacuum. Use the bare floor setting on your canister vacuum to further remove dirt and debris once each week. Please do not vacuum your hardwood floors if your vacuum does not have the bare floor setting. This setting stops the vacuum’s beater bar from spinning, a critical need for floors. The beater bar can do tremendous damage to wood flooring. If you need to vacuum deep into corners, use the soft brush attachment on your vacuum hose. Also consider investing in small walk behind used scrubbers.

protect hardwood floors for the home

Protect Hardwood Floors For The Home

how to clean and protect hardwood floors

How To Clean And Protect Hardwood Floors

good way to protect hardwood floors

Good Way To Protect Hardwood Floors

Once a year, deep clean your hardwood floors with a wood cleaning product. Use a sponge or rag mop to apply it, and be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for proper dilution. Keep the room well ventilated to ensure the floor dries quickly and evenly. If particularly stubborn stains remain, do know that walk-behind scrubbers do exist for hardwood floors. However, we highly recommend you consult with a specialist before selecting the make and model of any powered scrubber. Improper selection and use could cause irreparable damage to your hardwood floors.  Finally, these tips will help ensure that your home retains its value by cleaning and protecting your hardwood floors against major damage. Cleaning and protect hardwood floors is a daily chore that needs to remain a priority. In the end, the homeowner will have a beautiful floor for many years to come.

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