Beautiful English Country Kitchens

English country style is all about mixing colors and patterns and old with new to create a look that’s charming and casual. The English country kitchens are no exception. Nothing feels quite like cozy and warm English country kitchens. Because they are composed of eclectic ideas, kitchens with this theme become an extension of your style. Pull colors from the English landscape to brighten and warm your kitchen, and use different accessories to enhance the look of the room while keeping it original. As long as you follow your own style, you can go casual or more formal and have a lovely kitchen. With a few ideas in achieving the best look of English country kitchens, you can emulate that decor no matter where you live.

great english country kitchensGreat English Country Kitchens

English Country Kitchens Adds Warmth and Charm For The Home

In English country kitchens, the island can be a focal point of the kitchens. Old English kitchens often feature a large chopping block island. An antique island resembles the kitchen worktables of yore, adding warmth and character as well as serving as a functional surface. Drawers provide convenience for storing knives, and you can tie the island with the rest of the kitchen by customizing your drawer handles. Then, adding cabinets with worn edges can give the impression that they’re older and part of the original house. For example, HGTV host Joan Kohn profiles a 1936 English country home that features white cabinets that are a combination of glass doors and solid painted doors made to look worn.

pretty english country kitchensPretty English Country Kitchens

The large hearth is a traditional feature of English country kitchens. In the past it was the home of the fire, and thus the source of warmth and the place for cooking. Today we prefer modern technology, and it may be hard to find a quality appliance that suits old English decor, but you can bring in the country feeling with a brick or stone archway built over the stove. For the ceiling, exposed wooden beams on the ceiling give a kitchen style and depth. They can be left raw for a farmhouse charm, or molded and painted, which is classic of Old World London as featured by Kitchen and Bath Designs. An iron chandelier symbolic of an old candle chandelier feels old and adds beauty. Another lighting option is small lamps to give the kitchen a hearth-lit glow, paired with additional recessed lighting for cooking.

sweet english country kitchensSweet English Country Kitchens

Finally, don’t sacrifice modern amenities for antiques, but try to get modern items that are made to look older. Then add in antique accents such as the chopping block, an old English stove in addition to a modern one, or antique light fixtures. Hand-painted tiles make an English country kitchen your own. Wide-planked wooden floors look lovely in an English kitchen, and can be made to look worn as if original to the house. These were a few ideas for you to enhance your kitchen. Don’t forget to purchase decorative accessories that work with your personality and preferences to complete this adorable style for kitchen. Search for charming second-hand furniture, beautiful wooden boxes, crystal decanters, beautiful vases, hat racks, pine chests, ironstone china bowls, brass planters, battered straw hats, musical instruments, samplers, old master style paintings and framed needlework to complete your beautiful English country kitchen.

great english country kitchens , Beautiful English Country Kitchens In  Category
pretty english country kitchens , Beautiful English Country Kitchens In  Category
sweet english country kitchens , Beautiful English Country Kitchens In  Category

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