Bay Window Decorating Ideas

Bay windows are a wonderful feature in any home. They are usually associated with Victorian architecture and can give the illusion that the room they’re in is larger than it actually is. This type of window can also increase the flow of natural light to a room and provide views of the outside that would not normally be available with an ordinary window.¬†Their distinctive architectural design is an ideal opportunity for imaginative and creative bay window decorating. There are some bay window decorating ideas that you can use to enhance your bay window look. Follow these ideas to make the best use of an all-time elegant window.

ideas for bay window decoratingIdeas For Bay Window Decorating

Add Value and Beauty Your Bay Window with Bay Window Decorating Ideas

The sky’s the limit when picking out a treatment for your bay window. A classic Roman shade or blind is versatile and clean, and will help avoid over-decorating the area. Shutters, either wooden for country charm or sleek metal for city style, are perfect for creating a private, cozy nook. Draperies and curtains can add bright color and texture to the window. A tip to extend the appearance of width: Use curtains or drapes to cover the walls framing the area. This technique also lets in the sunlight while keeping the charm and color of curtains. Sheer curtains are also a terrific option to keep your window private without blocking the light. Sheers add texture to the room and can be dressed up with bright curtain panels or valances. Whichever way you go, just be sure to let in as much of that lovely natural light as possible.

great bay window decoratingGreat Bay Window Decorating

Another ideas in bay window decorating is display the plants.  shelf unit built into a bay window can help you cultivate and display indoor plants and flowers. You can even transform your bay window into a greenhouse for small-scale indoor gardening. If your bay window has open space all the way to the floor, you can put a large indoor palm or other tall houseplant in the space or you can hang potted plants from the ceiling.

Furniture placement is important when enhancing a bay window. A sofa, armoire, or any other large furniture item will only block the light entering from the window, and hide the marvelous architectural features of the window. Instead, try placing a small but comfortable chair in one corner of the bay. Add a side round table with a plant, which will thrive in the light provided by the window, and a floor lamp. This will create a cozy reading corner that will not distract from the impact of the window. Finally, a round table always looks great in front of a bay window, especially if it is in the kitchen. Add two chairs and create a breakfast nook.

bay window decorating with plantBay Window Decorating With Plant

bay window decorating for officeBay Window Decorating For Office

awesome bay window decoratingawesome bay window decorating

One of the most popular ways in bay window decorating is to create a window seat. This can be done with a bench and a cushion and some throw pillows. Window seats can also be built fairly easily out of inexpensive cabinetry (see the link below in the Resources section for instructions). Not only do window seats enhance a bay window, they provide extra seating and storage for the room, as well. These were just a few ideas for you in bay window decorating. After all, decorating your bay window can enhance its charm.

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