Bay Window Covering Ideas

If you have bay windows in your home,  and it’s look boring yet plain, then it’s the right time to decorating your bay window with bay window covering. However, bay windows offer a decorating challenge because of their angles and the way they cut into a wall. Fortunately, there are several bay window covering ideas that you can opt to enhance the look of your bay window. Bay windows are an impressive feature in any home and definitely will look best with bay window covering ideas that draw attention to their beauty.

Impressive Bay Window Covering Ideas

Like said before, there are some bay window covering ideas that you can incorporate that can gives bay windows an impressive beauty look. And for the first idea, you can go for formal draperies. Bay windows look especially elegant when framed by formal draperies. Formal draperies are usually hung on traverse rods, which allow you to draw the drapes open and closed with a system of pulleys and cords. Special flexible traverse rods let you bend the rod to your bay window’s specific shape. Hang two drapery panels that are wide enough to cover the entire window when they meet in the middle, and use the special flexible traverse rods to hang them. A valance that stretches across the entire width of the window hides the traverse rod and gives your draperies a professional, fully decorated look.

lovely bay window coveringLovely Bay Window Covering

Another bay window covering is blinds and shades. With their numerous horizontal slats, blinds add architectural interest to a room while giving you substantial light control. They’re also functional and versatile, allowing you to pull them up out of the way, draw them down, or tilt the slats. Shades draw up and down, and are available in many fabrics, from luxurious silk to woven sea grass. For blinds and shades to work on a bay window, hang a single blind or shade over each individual section of the window.

awesome bay window coveringAwesome Bay Window Covering

shutter bay window coveringShutter Bay Window Covering

If your bay window looks out on a particularly lovely view and privacy is not an issue, consider skipping the pane-covering curtains or drapes and simply topping your bay window with a valance. The valance adds a bit of fabric, pattern, color and softness to your room while keeping the window panes uncovered, so you can be enjoy an unobstructed view. Finally,  bay window coverings provide form and function, adding elegant yet practical touches to your home. Adding window coverings is an inexpensive way to change the look of a room. Beside these bay window covering ideas, there are still a lot of other bay window coverings available in different shapes, forms and materials, so your choices are definitely not limited. So, feel free to opt for your bay windows.

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