Awesome Garage Designs

Your garage is a great place to store things as well as use an additional workspace at any time of the year. The key to maximizing the space in your garage is to find the right garage design. The right garage designs are those that serve your specific needs in terms of size, features, location and organization. There are many different garage designs from which you can choose. This does not need to cost the earth and you shouldn’t be tempted to break your budget. Decide what you want from your garage in terms of form and function, and structure the project accordingly.

Ideas of Garage Designs

Here are some garage designs for you. First of all, many people use the garage as a storage space. Design the garage to contain ample storage space. Increase shelving along walls. Purchase plastic tubs or boxes to keep items organized and the space on the shelves uncluttered. Tubs or boxes will help protect stored items from dirt and dust. Attach bins to the ceiling of the garage if shelving is not an option or are already full. Home improvement or hardware supply stores will be able to recommend the best way to implement overhead storage for a specific garage. Hang lighter boats, such as canoes and other large recreational items like bicycles from the ceiling to save additional space in the garage. Install cabinets or a chest of drawers to organize a tool collection and keep the garage tidy.

amazing garage designsAmazing Garage Designs

Then, you can choose the garage designs that can accent and accompany the home. Use carriage doors to add a sophisticated look to the garage. Install windowed French doors to add elegance to the home or to show off a prized automobile. Paint the garage doors to match the color scheme of the home. Use decorative trim or ornate windows to add style and curb appeal to the garage. Extend the style of the home to the interior of the garage as well with new cabinets, paint and windows. Visit a home improvement or painting supply store to find solutions to making a simple concrete floor elegant in the garage. Hang artwork and signs in the garage to add further stylistic features.

modern garage designs

Modern Garage Designs

storage garage designs

Storage Garage Designs

small garage designs

Small Garage Designs

The next garage design ideas is design the garage space to be a workshop or living space. New homeowners may find a garage to be outdated or unattractive. Design a home office, recreational room or music studio to reclaim the garage. Utilize modular cabinets and work shelves to create a space that exactly fits the type of work being done. Install polyurethane insulation and replace the garage door with a wall to prepare the garage to work as an additional living space. Add carpeting or flooring and then design the space to meet the needs of the home. Add an exterior exit to the garage to create an apartment or guest room where the occupant can come and go without having to enter the home. These were just a few choices for you. Nowadays, garages are not only used as mere parking lots only but also for other various uses. With this trend come other design layouts to fit the multiple purposes of this construction. After all, choose the best design and reclaim the garage to become a part of the home.

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modern garage designs , Awesome Garage Designs In  Category
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