Window Treatment Ideas

bay window decorating for office

Bay Window Decorating Ideas

Window with Bay Window Decorating Ideas The sky’s the limit when picking out a treatment for your bay window. A classic Roman shade or blind is versatile and clean, and

lovely bay window covering

Bay Window Covering Ideas

bay windows offer a decorating challenge because of their angles and the way they cut into a wall. Fortunately, there are several bay window covering ideas that you can opt

bay window seating simple bench

Bay Window Seating Styles

window comes down too low there may not be enough space for comfortable seating. Be sure your window treatments do not interfere with seating. Curtains should fall to the bottom

ultimate roof window design

House Window Design

the thematic presentation of the room in which they are situated. House Window Design Ideas There are several ideas in window design. Each comes with a set of pros and

modern window curtains for bathroom

Window Curtains for Bathroom

drape. Window valances that slide onto a curtain rod and hang a quarter of the way down the window are also options for dressing up a simple bathroom window treatment.

window treatments for bedrooms pink blind

Stunning Window Treatments for Bedrooms

Window treatments for bedrooms are ideal when they offer function and style. There are so many ideas of window treatments for bedrooms that you can opt. Choose the best

how to replace a window sill easier

How to Replace a Window Sill Interior?

Window sills have both a functional and a cosmetic use on the interior of your home. Over time, the interior window sill may rot and need to be replaced.

modern window treatment idea

Modern Window Treatments

as they do the job of aluminum blinds without giving your room a sterile look. Blind Modern Window Treatment Blinds are still an acceptable option as a window treatment but,

pretty window boxes planters

Window Boxes Planters for The Home

Window boxes planters add beauty and character to the outside of your home by brightening the facade. They help improve curb appeal and give your home a more inviting

cool decorating ideas for kids bedrooms

Exciting Decorating Ideas for Kids Bedrooms

us start to explore these fun and exciting decorating ideas for kids bedrooms. Let’s start with the window treatments. While window treatments serve the practical purpose of blocking light and

stunning curtain ideas

Kitchen Curtain Ideas

work in a similar way to create custom kitchen curtains. Choosing place mats allows you to match the window treatments to the table settings. If you prefer longer curtains, use