Rustic Wood Flooring

great recycled wood floors

Recycled Wood Floors for The Homes

in the grout. More and more people are choosing wood floors for anyone with allergies. Recycled wood floors are an ever popular trend in flooring. These recycled wood floors are

vertical bamboo flooring

Eco-Friendly Bamboo Flooring for The Homes

mildew and fire retardation associated with only bamboo wood flooring. With little or no maintenance required, caring for a bamboo wood floor requires occasional sweeping and moping maintaining overall brilliance

wood flooring for kitchen

Different Types of Flooring for Kitchen

their kitchen by selecting from a large variety of colors, sizes and textures. Wood Flooring For Kitchen If you want the look of hardwood but not the hard work that

white flooring

Bedroom Flooring

budget but here are a few popular bedroom flooring ideas. Bedroom Flooring Ideas Laminate wooden flooring is made by pressing pieces of wood together and creating one. The results of

pretty rustic living room

Rustic Living Room Furniture

entire living room can attain a rustic look. Since the rustic look uses the beauty of wood, mirrors, bookcases, and tables can be highlighted with this rustic charm. This can

warm rustic paint colors for kitchen

Paint Colors for Kitchen Rustic

pale yellow. The familiar woodsy brown hues paired with the brighter hues found in flowers and fruits create a warm and cozy rustic feel. To cool down this color scheme,

room rustic interior design

House Rustic Interior Design

Hallmarks of rustic interior design are natural materials such as stone and wood, and comfortable furnishings. Rustic interior design is equally at home in a cabin, farmhouse or cottage.

vinyl kitchen tiles

Options of Kitchen Tiles Flooring

and easy to clean. Tiles are available in 12- and 18-inch squares; there are also 3-by-37-inch vinyl tiles that simulate hardwood. They can be installed over pre-existing flooring surfaces as

how to build outdoor furniture patio furniture

DIY: How to Build Outdoor Furniture

The key to making outdoor furniture is to keep it simple with basic wood elements for the frame and homemade cushions for comfortable seating. Do you want to know how

stone interior wall cladding

Decorative Interior Wall Cladding

cladding is added to a building for a combination of reasons. Materials used for cladding include plastic, steel, wood, cement and stone. With using interior wall cladding, you can use

protect hardwood floors for the home

Clean and Protect Hardwood Floors

beater bar from spinning, a critical need for floors. The beater bar can do tremendous damage to wood flooring. If you need to vacuum deep into corners, use the soft

great outdoor sofa

Comfortable Outdoor Sofa

attractive and shiny when new, teak wood will change in appearance within the first year, becoming weathered and silver-gray. Many people like this natural rustic look, but it is important