Replace Rotten Window Sill

how to replace a window sill easier

How to Replace a Window Sill Interior?

replace a window sill. No worry, in this article we will give you some easy ways about how to replace a window sill interior. Instructions in How to Replace a

bay window seating simple bench

Bay Window Seating Styles

of the window sill if you have a window seat. After all, bay window seating is the asset for the home. It provides a cozy place to sit and read

bay window decorating for office

Bay Window Decorating Ideas

it actually is. This type of window can also increase the flow of natural light to a room and provide views of the outside that would not normally be available

ultimate roof window design

House Window Design

really enhance the look of a new home as do replacement windows in an older home. Windows are a fantastic way of allowing sunlight to in but the window design

lovely bay window covering

Bay Window Covering Ideas

If you have bay windows in your home, and it’s look boring yet plain, then it’s the right time to decorating your bay window with bay window covering. However,

window treatments for bedrooms pink blind

Stunning Window Treatments for Bedrooms

Window treatments for bedrooms are ideal when they offer function and style. There are so many ideas of window treatments for bedrooms that you can opt. Choose the best

pretty window boxes planters

Window Boxes Planters for The Home

Window boxes planters add beauty and character to the outside of your home by brightening the facade. They help improve curb appeal and give your home a more inviting

modern window curtains for bathroom

Window Curtains for Bathroom

right window curtains for bathroom can really help your room stand out. Window curtains for bathroom is an important accessory for the bathrooms. They are used not only for the

modern window treatment idea

Modern Window Treatments

Window treatments are an easy way to update your home and change the look of a room. Follow some of the new trends in modern window treatments when you

stunning curtain ideas

Kitchen Curtain Ideas

the window. They are often paired with a coordinating valance at the top of the window. Cafe curtains come in a variety of fabrics, patterns and colors, making it easy

how to make roman blinds simple

DIY Project: How To Make Roman Blinds

a wooden batten. Measure the length and width of your window to figure out how much of each item you need. The number of plastic dowels needed depends on the