Pocket Door Kit

ways how to install pocket doors

Learning How To Install Pocket Doors

Pocket doors are a great way to create a large passage from room to room without having to give up any space. While a regular door needs room to

tool storage shed

Functional Storage Shed

design ideas of outdoor storage sheds for you; One common mistake when designing a shed is to make the door too small. This leads to stacks of inaccessible items being

how to building a wine cellar

Building A Wine Cellar In The Basement

produce similar to drywall, on the walls. Attach the green board to the studs with drywall screws. Install the door. Choose a solid core door to keep the cellar environment

zebra print bedroom ideas for girls

Bold Zebra Print Bedroom Ideas

white window treatments, but add zebra print curtain tie-back ribbons for flair. If that habitat doesn’t have enough zebra in it for you, paint the closet door in zebra stripes,

stunning garden arbor

Versatile Garden Arbor

arbor, build one from scratch with a design well planned, or buy a kit for quick assembly; garden arbors will add a delightful feature to outdoor living for years to

walk in bath small bathroom renovation ideas

Good Small Bathroom Renovation Ideas

that you are entering a Jacuzzi. What makes a walk in bath disabled-friendly is the hinged door with a lock. Bathers enter and exit the tub through the door. Walk

space under stairs playhouse

Great Ideas for Space Under Stairs

project or the work of a professional carpenter, the outer walls may be removed and the area framed for walls and a door. This closet may be short in height

cute home garden

Home Garden Landscaping

have a body of water such as pond on your property, you can just add a fountain kit to it to change its look. Or you can go for ponds.