Install Pocket Doors

ways how to install pocket doors

Learning How To Install Pocket Doors

doors are more difficult to install than regular doors. Therefore, if you want to install pocket door then you must learning how to install pocket doors properly. Thankfully, you can

storage garage designs

Awesome Garage Designs

sophisticated look to the garage. Install windowed French doors to add elegance to the home or to show off a prized automobile. Paint the garage doors to match the color

how to building a wine cellar

Building A Wine Cellar In The Basement

wooden studs, spaced 16 inches apart on center. Building A Wine Cellar In Home Install a vapor barrier on the walls and floor. Wrap 8 mil plastic sheeting over the

simple way to decorate the galley kitchens

Decorating The Galley Kitchens

or even a whisper of mint green are all good choices. Use glass-paned pocket doors at the end of the narrow kitchen to close it off when necessary or open

luxury smart closet design ideas

Smart Closet Design Ideas For Your Home

design ideas is by enhancing the exteriors of the closet to give it an appealing look. You might use laminates to match the other room decor. Installing sliding doors is

modern kitchen bar design ideas

Great Kitchen Bar Design Ideas

You can install cabinets or drawers in the bar, or you can build sliding doors with shelving under the bar space. Another option is to construct open shelving under the

stunning wall art ideas

Wall Art Ideas For The House

look by hanging false windows and doors as art throughout your home. Cover the windows with curtains that match your other decor or leave them open and paint the frames

white modern kitchen cabinet

Stylish Modern Kitchen Cabinet

start then start with the kitchen cabinet doors since they are the first thing you see when you come into the kitchen. Functional Modern Kitchen Cabinet White Modern Kitchen Cabinet

great small house design interior

Good Small House Design

sink instead. Above the sink, install a large, frameless mirror across the entire wall to give the illusion of depth. Instead of a bathtub, a walk-in shower with glass or

wood flooring for kitchen

Different Types of Flooring for Kitchen

affordable options and one of the easiest to install. This may allow homeowners to enjoy significant cost savings by self-performing this work rather than hiring a contractor. Tile varies in

neat walk in closet organizer

Practical Walk In Closet Organizer

closet organizer come as either ready to install kits or you can purchase an organizer that is specified to the dimensions of your closet. If you purchase a ready-made kit,