Feng Shui Money Plants

peony feng shui plants

Good Feng Shui Plants for Your Home

because not having a money plant at all is better than having a money plant with dead leaves. Money Feng Shui Plants Peony Feng Shui Plants House Feng Shui Plants

living room landscaping plants

Interior Landscaping Plants

Interior landscaping plants enhances the look of the place and makes it green and pleasing to the eyes. The idea of interior landscaping came into popularity over the past

stunning asian garden plants

Beautiful Asian Garden Plants

If you are redesigning your garden or building it from the ground up, try to adding a few Asian garden plants. Many Asian garden plants are hardy in the

japanese garden plants maple

Japanese Garden Plants and Trees

traditions. If you interested to make your Japanese garden, then you need to research some information and choosing the right Japanese garden plants and trees. And today, in this article

stunning small garden

Small Garden Design

For people who love plants, a small garden is a curse. But it shouldn’t be. As a matter of fact, small gardens can be such a delight if you

awesome water garden containers

Ideas of Water Garden Containers

Are you looking to create a peaceful setting on your own porch, deck or yard without spending a lot of time or money? Try water garden containers. It is

lovely patio garden ideas

Functional Patio Garden Ideas

is an apartment patio, you can still enjoy the benefits of a garden. Gardeners with patios, can grow a variety of plants on the patio. Patios with some natural light

ideas to decorating the balcony

How to Decorating The Balcony?

can decorate with the plants. How to decorating the balcony with plants? Here’s the ways. Firstly, buy pots that have a theme or have the same color and materials. If

warm mediterranean garden

Building Mediterranean Garden

places like Spain and Italy where the climate is hot and the plants lush and green. Creating Mediterranean Garden The Mediterranean influences come from Italy, France, Spain and several other

pretty window boxes planters

Window Boxes Planters for The Home

for a large garden. Primarily, they held plants needed for food, medicine or rituals. The ancient Egyptians, on the other hand, used the planters to make balconies and terraces more

simplicity in Zen bathroom

Zen Bathroom

sometimes it’s finding it in a room. Feng Shui is a great way to find this balance, though Feng Shui and bathroom are not always synonymous. This is probably because