Bay Window Decor

bay window seating simple bench

Bay Window Seating Styles

On the interior of a home, a bay window is a lovely addition to any room. What makes it even nicer is having a bay window seating from which

bay window decorating for office

Bay Window Decorating Ideas

with an ordinary window. Their distinctive architectural design is an ideal opportunity for imaginative and creative bay window decorating. There are some bay window decorating ideas that you can use

lovely bay window covering

Bay Window Covering Ideas

If you have bay windows in your home, and it’s look boring yet plain, then it’s the right time to decorating your bay window with bay window covering. However,

ultimate roof window design

House Window Design

cons so it will be important for homeowners to examine the ideas available and make the most appropriate choice. Bay window usually consist of three large sections of glass that

window treatments for bedrooms pink blind

Stunning Window Treatments for Bedrooms

well for childrens rooms and informal styles such as cottage or beach style decor. These shades fold up to expose the window during the day and roll down at night.

how to replace a window sill easier

How to Replace a Window Sill Interior?

option than replacing the entire window and gives a smart new look to your home’s interior. Interior window sill serve both a decorative and functional element for your home.

pretty window boxes planters

Window Boxes Planters for The Home

plants do not only add beauty and charm in our home’s exterior but can also be an adorable decor inside our home. When the flowers’ alluring scent enters the window,

modern window curtains for bathroom

Window Curtains for Bathroom

what your decor and window measurements are ahead of time and you should have a good idea of the type of window treatment you need. Remember always to be consistent

modern window treatment idea

Modern Window Treatments

Window treatments are an easy way to update your home and change the look of a room. Follow some of the new trends in modern window treatments when you

skull wall decor wallpaper

Interior Wall Decor Wallpaper

The appeal of wall decor wallpaper can be easily felt as soon as one stares at them. These room wall decorative elements spread a distinct visual aura in the

stunning nursery decor

Baby Nursery Decor

When planning a pregnancy, you have to plan everything, and that includes the nursery decor. Decorating your baby’s nursery can be quite exhausting but definitely a great adventure. With