Basement Wine Cellar

how to building a wine cellar

Building A Wine Cellar In The Basement

Home wine cellars are increasing in popularity as people discover the benefits of collecting and storing wine at home. When building a wine cellar in your home basement, the

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Impressive Cool Basement Ideas

If you are lucky enough to have a basement in your home, it might be time to utilize that space. Remodeling the basement can add significant living space to

stone interior wall cladding

Decorative Interior Wall Cladding

wall in a game room or basement can bring the feeling of the outdoors in without feeling like you have cheap wall covering. Imagine a wine cellar lined with granite

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Improve Your Home with Home Renovation Ideas

affect the overall insulation performance of most homes. One should ensure that they install proper ventilation to prevent potential wood rot and ice dams. Basement insulation is the other most

small home bar decoration

Home Bar Decoration

like a wine opener and stoppers and cigars, of course. Stock up on bottles with rich, aromatic flavors and complex palates like Johnnie Walker Scotch whiskey and Glenfiddich malt whiskey.

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Interior Decorations of Southwestern Style Homes

for lamps, fireplace screens and wine racks. Add more texture to a room with Native-American inspired blankets and wraps. For the furniture, pick furniture with Spanish influences to contribute to

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DIY Grape Arbor Plans

type of grapes and what you want to get out of the harvest. Grapes come in three varieties: the European wine grape, the fox grape and the muscadine or scuppernong

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traveled rooms like the kitchen, the balcony outside, the basement and any other area that is family members and guests visit often. Using your family room addition for ease of

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acrylic cover. While not suitable for the living room or even the bedroom, these Spartan lights can be used in the laundry room or even the basement. A Lighted Fan

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Another kitchen bar design ideas; adding wiring or plumbing. A cooktop and sink can be part of the bar. Electricity and plumbing can be routed via a basement area underneath