Area Under Stairs

space under stairs playhouse

Great Ideas for Space Under Stairs

a clutter-free view. For additional drawers in a home, convert the area under the stairs to a built-in dresser. The traditional angle of staircases lends itself to multiple widths and

U shaped stairs

Stairs Design Ideas

When building or remodeling a dwelling, stairs are an important feature to consider but also for the functionality. There are several stairs design for the homes that can appear

stylish carpet runner for stairs

Stunning Carpet Runner For Stairs

Carpet runner for stairs are sections of carpet designed specifically for stairways. They’re narrow enough to expose some of the wooden stairs on either side while providing decorative and

white cool studio apartment design

Cool Studio Apartment Design Ideas

apartment design makes the best use of the available area into various sections in a way that’s efficient and also pleasing to the eye. So how can you turn your

cute home garden

Home Garden Landscaping

feature to your garden area can give your home a whole new look and feel. There are water features that will fit any size area and installation limitations with which

pretty outdoor furniture

About Outdoor Furniture

available for seating. A lot of people fancy outdoor seating because it can serve as an addition to the house by turning an empty area in to another place to

peony feng shui plants

Good Feng Shui Plants for Your Home

area at the rear of your home, as well as the “wealth and p[prosperity” area at the left rear section of your home, to help provide opportunities for notoriety, publicity,

vintage metal lawn furniture

Timeless Metal Lawn Furniture

Metal lawn furniture is a trendy way to furnish your outdoor area, and create an outdoors “room”, where you can relax, eat, and entertain in good weather. The furniture

Mushroom in the Bathroom

Mushrooms Growing in Bathroom

bag and then throw it away. After that, Clean the moldy area with an all-purpose bathroom cleaner and nylon brush. Keep scrubbing and rinsing with a wet sponge until you

pretty outdoor water fountains

Outdoor Water Fountains For The Home

the last couple of years. They have become a popular choice for every type of outdoor area. A wide range of fountains is available even for those who do not