Wonderful Garden Ornaments

Garden ornaments are wonderful accessories that add great visual appeal to your landscape. Garden ornaments have been an integral part of the garden designs since the days when the Romans ruled over the world. A great many examples of such garden ornaments have been found lying buried under the ashes of Pompeii or at other places. However, styles have all changed because with time people have changed and so have their preferences and likings. They also come in many shapes, sizes and colors to suit every season, and space.

Decorating Your Garden With Garden Ornaments

A garden ornament can be almost anything, from a bird table to a large sculpture. However, there are a few considerations to take account of when choosing an ornament for your garden. The most obvious consideration is to make sure that whatever garden ornaments you choose compliments the overall style of your garden. For instance, a contemporary design with lots of hard landscaping and formal planting might better suit a more modern sculpture such as spherical shapes in concrete or elaborate wrought iron shapes. A more traditional design such as a cottage garden might be enhanced by a stone sundial or bird bath.

front garden ornamentsFront Garden Ornaments

The next decision is the effect your ornament is to have – whether it is to add beauty with a statue or a taste of whimsy with a garden gnome. The choice of garden ornaments is often where you can add a little of your own personality to a garden.Placing your chosen ornament is also important. A small animal statue is going to get lost in the middle of a flower border. A large statue on a plinth in a small garden will simply dwarf everything around it. Try and think of garden ornaments as enhancements either for a particular plant or planting scheme, as a focal point or to decorate something otherwise unappealing such a fence or side of a building.

Garden ornaments don’t have to be expensive. Often using natural finds can have the same effect as something that has been manufactured. For instance, pieces of driftwood collected from a beach can look stunning displayed in a gravel garden. Large stones or boulders can transform a rock garden or provide a focal point in a border. More unusual ornaments I have come across are things that have been recycled into decorative pieces such as old walking boots planted up, pieces of broken china wired together and suspended from a tree to make a wind chime, porcelain toilets used as planters.The choice of what to use to enhance your garden is endless. Cast stone columns, statues and animals; fountains, pagodas, pots and urns.

awesome garden ornamentsAwesome Garden Ornaments

frog garden ornaments

Frog Garden Ornaments

japanese garden ornaments

Japanese Garden Ornaments

Lighting is also an important ornament, from modern electric lights embedded in a wall to decorative iron lanterns filled with flickering candles. Plants can also be garden ornaments – topiary or large specimen plants provide both enhancement and focal points. These were some information about a garden ornament. After all, garden ornaments are one of the best accessories that gives your garden a perfect look. When you use garden ornaments in your garden, it looks more stunning and beautiful.

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