Pre Emergent Herbicides for Your Garden

Gardeners often turn to herbicides to remove stubborn weeds that mar the beauty of an otherwise perfect garden. As their name suggests, pre emergent herbicides are selective weed killers. These chemicals kill weeds without killing grass. Some weed killers kill everything they come into contact with while others, such as pre emergent herbicides, stop weeds as they are beginning to grow and help prevent them from establishing themselves within a garden. Like other agricultural chemicals, pre emergent herbicides can help gardeners but also pose some environmental risks.

Information About Pre Emergent Herbicides

Pre emergent herbicides are applied to plant seeds in the germination stages. According to the University of Missouri Extension, they are most commonly used for annual weeds. They also can be used to combat broadleaf weeds. Pre emergent herbicides usually are sold in granular or liquid form. Chemigation, or application with an irrigation system, also is possible, although it is less common than liquid and granular products. Unlike pre emergent herbicides, post-emergent products are applied to weeds after they have emerged.They may be selective, meaning they target certain varieties of weeds, or non-selective. Unlike other herbicide products, most pre emergent herbicides are non-selective, meaning that they will kill invasive plants and any nearby plants. Some herbicides act as pre emergent and post-emergent herbicides, killing germinating seeds as well as actively growing plants. Post-emergent herbicides usually are applied to plant leaves, unlike pre emergent products, which typically are watered into the soil.

pre emergent herbicides killing the weeds

Pre Emergent Herbicides Killing The Weeds

Different types of pre emergent herbicides require slightly different application techniques and amounts. However, the University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences recommends some techniques that help gardeners apply pre emergent herbicides of all types. First, gardeners should apply the herbicides as uniformly as possible in the amounts recommended by the herbicide manufacturer. Fertilizer spreaders work well to apply granular pre emergent herbicides. Second, gardeners should help incorporate the herbicides into the soil by watering with about 1/2 inch of water immediately after applying the herbicide.

natural pre emergent herbicides

Natural Pre Emergent Herbicides

pre emergent herbicides for your garden

Pre Emergent Herbicides For Your Garden

Always identify the type of plant before applying any herbicide, to ensure the most effective treatment of the problem. Take a sample of the targeted weed to a local university extension if help is needed with identification. Follow manufacturers’ instructions carefully, because improper application can cause plant growth problems. After the herbicides have been applied, monitor the soil site carefully and observe plants for signs of damage or plant decline. These were some information about pre emergent herbicides for the gardens. Hope this will useful and if you still have any doubt to use, it is suggested to surf another detail information in the internet.

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