Garden Fence Ideas

Garden fencing is a must for those in need of privacy and security. A well fenced garden or lawn will keep unwanted animals, people and children away from your well tended garden. Setting up a garden fence might not be an easy task but it’s definitely worth it in the long run. Garden fence also give a beauty look for your garden. If you want to add a fence to your garden then consider several garden fence ideas that might give you a little help to decide. There are so many garden fence ideas according styles and materials to choose from, but that also means that you are sure to find something to fit your specific needs and tastes. You also have to consider the monetary side of the fencing. You will need to stay within your budget to help make your garden fencing dream come true.

House Garden Fence Ideas

Some garden fence ideas are start with stone fences. In some parts of the country, rural roads are lined for miles with row upon row of stone fences. Farmers cleared fields of these rocks and used them to confine the livestock. Many of these fences took a lifetime to construct. And perhaps if you look closely in the fields, it appears that the rocks are growing from the ground. These types of fences, although beautiful, take a long time to construct and literally tons of rock.

wood fence ideas

Wood Fence Ideas

High fences with landscape appeal can be constructed from wood or bamboo. These fences can serve purposes of aesthetics, keeping things out and even privacy. Depending on the construction method, wood fences can be either rustic or formal, vertical fences. Rustic fences may have a single post placed every 8 feet with a horizontal member joining the posts. Formal fences can be completely covered, allowing no visual access through the boards. Bamboo can also be constructed in a rustic manner to simply delineate a line across the field, or the slim bamboo can be placed tightly together. Like the wooden formal fence, a bamboo fence can offer complete privacy. Bamboo has yet another advantage if the shoots are green: It can be woven into separate screens. These screens can then be attached to posts in the ground.

great fence ideas

Great Fence Ideas

wire garden fence ideas

Wire Garden Fence Ideas

Although not the most appealing to look at when first constructed, wire fencing can also be used as an arbor for plants. Easily erected to heights that will keep jumping deer at bay, wire fencing comes in many sizes and openings. Surrounding a vegetable garden may best be served by a wire fence. Small-diameter poultry netting can be used close to the ground to keep out rabbits. Larger woven wire fencing can be installed to keep out livestock and dogs. Certain plants can be used to hide the utilitarian look of the wire. Climbing roses, honeysuckle and hummingbird vine all thrive on wire fences. In a number of years, the wire will disappear under the natural beauty of the climbing plants. The wire fence will then take on a natural appeal and will become a natural barrier. There are many more garden fence ideas that you could get based on your requirements. What you need to do is determining your priority first; either it is the safety, privacy or the beauty aspect. Therefore, knowing well about the type of fence and which aspect offered by the certain product will be very helpful in choosing the best fence for your home.

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